Experienced Sales Manager

<strong>Immediate requirement for a sales professional to manage current key accounts and to lead business growth initiatives within the data communications specialty.</strong>

Auburn Hills, MI

ASG Renaissance

<strong>ASG Human Resources Outsourcing and Consultancy</strong><br /><br /> <strong>HR Consultancy extends far beyond the transactional practices of the HR department. The key to the success of any company starts with understanding its DNA.<br /><br /></strong>Human Resources Consultants have the advantage of being a neutral third party able to quickly identify internal challenges facing an organization. The traditional role of the consultant is to develop and deliver strategic objectives to maximize the performance of the employees and improve overall work process efficiency. ASG Renaissance takes this many steps further.&nbsp;<br /><br /> ASG Renaissance recognizes the importance of taking the pulse of the organization to truly determine its DNA and from there establishing the path forward. Our expertise can be tailored to address a vast number of challenges to re-engage your workforce thereby<br />improving productivity and profitability. http://www.asgren.com/

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Total compensation is competitive

Overview: <p>An ISO certified organization, their dedication to customer service, employee engagement, and quality is paramount. There is excellent potential for growth and personal development. Total compensation is competitive and the working environment is respectful and motivating.</p>
Responsibilities: <p>The successful candidate will possess excellent customer service skills; proactive communication, conflict resolution, listening and collaboration.&nbsp; They will have a solid background in sales activities such as complex quoting, costing and manufacturability, and&nbsp; delivery scheduling in addition to lead generation skills; prospecting, qualifying, cold calling.&nbsp;&nbsp; The position will involve working cross functionally with internal departments such as marketing,&nbsp; shipping, finance, etc.&nbsp; &nbsp;&nbsp;The position will involve close collaboration with warehousing and the typical product line includes;</p> <ul> <li>Patch cables</li> <li>Bulk Category Cables</li> <li>Fiber optic cables</li> <li>Patch panels</li> <li>Connectors</li> <li>Inverters</li> <li>Signal Boosters</li> <li>Surge Protectors</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Four year college degree or experience commensurate to a senior level Sales Manager role. This is a highly technical position for which an engineering degree is preferred, yet not essential.</li> <li>Proven success within the sales field</li> <li>Ethical reputation within the industry</li> </ul>