<p>Practice in a community known for their Southern hospitality. You and your family will enjoy fresh waters to spend hot evenings and all the big city offerings one can imagine!</p>

Longview, TX

Accountable Healthcare Staffing

<p>With over two centuries of combined experience between our Executive Management and Branch Teams, Accountable Healthcare Staffing provider of quality healthcare staffing solutions. AHS experts specialize in matching, and then placing, our Travel Nurses, Allied Health and Per Diem applicants to one of our clients that includes a portfolio of hospitals, clinics, long-term care, correctional and government facilities. And with over 40 offices across the country, we are eager to meet the needs of both our clients and healthcare professionals.</p> <p>As a quality healthcare staffing provider, the principal tenet that drives Accountable&rsquo;s vision is simple &ndash; it&rsquo;s not about trying to be the biggest, but rather, we want to be the best. Each of our experienced branch teams hold a vast knowledge of the industry and pride themselves in the local relationships they&rsquo;ve developed in their markets.</p>

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Overview: <p>Pain Management Physician for Clinic Setting in Desirable Texas Area</p> <p>Come practice in the "Real East Texas!"<br />400 bed facility in East Texas near the Louisiana border needs a pain management physician for their busy clinic.<br />-Hours 8a - 5 p<br />-Working with one other doc<br />-Clinic has great base and back log/waiting list<br />-Will consider BE if willing to get BC<br />-Will consider physician right out of fellowship<br />-Will assist with TX license if needed</p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Interview patients to learn their medical histories</li> <li>Examine patients and perform diagnostic tests to determine whether they are strong enough for surgery</li> <li>Consult with doctors and surgeons about the types and amounts of drugs to administer before and during surgery or another procedure</li> <li>Explain to patients surgical methods and the effects of drugs</li> <li>Administer drugs before procedures</li> <li>Position patients on operating tables</li> <li>Stand next to patients during surgery, monitoring their vital signs and adjusting medication as required</li> <li>In emergency-surgery situations, provide life support and airway management</li> <li>Decide when patients are stable enough to be moved from the operating room, and when they should be allowed to go home</li> <li>Following a patient&rsquo;s release, prescribe drugs and monitor their effect</li> <li>Keep records of drug doses and patient responses throughout the process</li> <li>Schedule operating rooms, and make sure they are sterile and organized</li> <li>Educate patients and groups about disease-prevention and health-promotion methods</li> <li>Conduct research, develop and test methods, and obtain continuing education</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p>Anesthesiologists must pay attention to detail and be meticulous in calculating drug doses. They have to closely watch monitors in the operating room, to ensure that patients are stable and comfortable.</p> <p>This job can involve long periods of standing, and patients need to be lifted and positioned on operating tables, so some physical strength and stamina are necessary. Anesthesiologists are sometimes required to work long and irregular hours. Some are on call to respond to emergencies.</p> <p>They must deal with patients who are upset, anxious, depressed, or angry. This can result in stressful situations. Good people skills and effective communication are essential.</p> <h4><strong>Anesthesiologist&nbsp;Certification</strong></h4> <p>The American Society of Anesthesiologists and the American Board of Anesthesiology offer certification programs, involving courses and exams. A certificate is required to practice in the field. Many practitioners begin the process of obtaining certification during residency training.</p> <p>In addition, all states mandate that anesthesiologists be licensed. A nationally administered exam must be passed. For information about how to apply, visit the website of a state&rsquo;s medical-licensing board or department of health.</p>