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Overview: <p>Treats all types of childhood infectious diseases, including mumps, measles, and chicken pox. During a regular workday, a doctor might deal with matters ranging from a case of acne to a child's ongoing battle with muscular dystrophy. Many of their patients have yet to develop communication skills; therefore, physicians must be able to provide a diagnosis based on visual and auditory indicators.</p> <p>Most general pediatricians work in family health practices. HMOs and children's hospitals hire the majority of pediatricians, with smaller private pediatric clinics being the second largest employer.</p> <p>Most pediatricians work more than full-time, usually around 60 hours per week. Those who work in hospitals or clinics should often work in shift rotations and on an on-call basis. Even general pediatricians in private practice are often called in to consult with hospital doctors when one of their regular patients is brought in as an emergency patient.</p>
Responsibilities: <div class="articleSliderContainer"> <div class="articleContentContainer"> <p>Along with general medicine, growth and development monitoring are the basis of a pediatrician's practice. A general pediatrician must track and administer immunizations on schedule. The doctor must be able to communicate well with both children and parents. They often need to provide detailed explanations of treatment course options and assuage fears. Sympathetic bedside manners are highly valued in this particular area of medicine.</p> </div> </div>
Requirements: <p>The American Medical Association (AMA) considers general pediatrics a specialized field; however, they begin the education process with the same training as general practitioners. This process consists of four years of college, four years of medical school and, finally, a residency that lasts between 3-8 years. A sub-specialization, such as auto-immune disorders or pediatric surgery, can lengthen the residency. Upon completing medical school and a residency, the doctor must also pass the United States Medical Licensing examination in order to practice medicine.</p> <p>The American Board of Medical Specialists directs general pediatricians to acquire certification through the&nbsp;American Board of Pediatricians (ABP). Examination requirements vary depending on sub-specializations. There are also alternate training programs that are recognized by the ABP.</p>