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Accountable Healthcare Staffing

<p>With over two centuries of combined experience between our Executive Management and Branch Teams, Accountable Healthcare Staffing provider of quality healthcare staffing solutions. AHS experts specialize in matching, and then placing, our Travel Nurses, Allied Health and Per Diem applicants to one of our clients that includes a portfolio of hospitals, clinics, long-term care, correctional and government facilities. And with over 40 offices across the country, we are eager to meet the needs of both our clients and healthcare professionals.</p> <p>As a quality healthcare staffing provider, the principal tenet that drives Accountable&rsquo;s vision is simple &ndash; it&rsquo;s not about trying to be the biggest, but rather, we want to be the best. Each of our experienced branch teams hold a vast knowledge of the industry and pride themselves in the local relationships they&rsquo;ve developed in their markets.</p>

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Salary w/ Full Benefits

Overview: <p>Interview people with health complaints, and conduct examinations, to gather the information necessary to make diagnoses. Assessments and diagnostic testing involve the use of sophisticated medical equipment.&nbsp;Once a diagnosis is made, a GP provides the necessary treatment, prescribes medication, or refers patients to specialists. These doctors also provide information to patients about how to manage their symptoms.</p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Meet with patients to learn about their complaints and medical histories;</li> <li>Perform examinations and conduct diagnostic tests, then analyze the results to determine the causes of illness or disease;</li> <li>Discuss with patients the treatment and medication options;</li> <li>Provide vaccinations to protect patients from infectious diseases;</li> <li>Consult with patients about diet, exercise, and other lifestyle issues that affect their health;</li> <li>Deliver babies, and provide prenatal and postnatal care to mothers and infants;</li> <li>Perform minor surgery;</li> <li>Make house calls and respond to emergencies when patients are unable to go to the doctor&rsquo;s office;</li> <li>Conduct routine checkups, as well as physical examinations required for patients to get jobs, be admitted to college, or qualify for insurance coverage;</li> <li>Report diseases, births, and deaths to government authorities;</li> <li>Manage a private medical practice, hire and supervise employees, and perform business functions involving finance and administration;</li> <li>Maintain patient records;</li> <li>Consult with specialists and other medical professionals about patients&rsquo; cases;</li> <li>Obtain continuing education, attend professional conferences, and keep up-to-date on medical practices.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p>General practioners need to possess excellent people skills. They must effectively communicate with patients, to understand their needs and provide them information. Dealing with people in pain, and those experiencing stress and anxiety, is common.</p> <p>This high-pressure job can feature long and irregular working hours. GPs may have to make house calls, or be awakened in the middle of the night to attend to a medical emergency. Because they serve people who are sick, these doctors frequently come into contact with contagious diseases.<span id="more-4190"></span></p> <p>GPs require a thorough understanding of myriad ailments, diseases, and disorders. They also must be expert at using medical equipment and analyzing test results. Problem-solving and decision-making skills, as well as manual dexterity, are crucial.</p>