Robotics & Automation Marketing Manager

<p>Acme Manufacturing Company is seeking a full-time <strong>Robotics &amp; Automation Marketing Manager</strong><strong>. </strong></p>

Auburn Hills, MI

Acme Manufacturing Co.

<strong>Our mission is to expand and continually improve, utilizing quality practices and employee involvement to manufacture surface finishing systems, for the production manufacturing industry, both in the domestic and international markets that result in customer and employee satisfaction. Acme is always interested in considering qualified individuals, especially mechanical, electrical, and software engineers. If you have robotic programming experience, we&rsquo;d like to hear from you.</strong>

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Overview: <ul> <li>Acme provides custom engineered flexible robotic systems.</li> <li>We service 20+ industries in numerous countries globally.</li> </ul> <p>Acme provides unique robotic solutions for Aerospace, medical implants, consumer products, automotive, heavy equipment, and many other industries.&nbsp; Acme is expanding our global robotic finishing technology through a diversified balance of industries and locations. &nbsp;</p> <p>Acme is creating this marketing roll for the first time; the goal is to develop and manage a marketing plan to advertise Acme&rsquo;s unique solutions while also protecting Acme&rsquo;s intellectual property and the I.P. of our customers.&nbsp; The marketing program will support this initiative.</p> <p>This is a new position. The successful candidate will lead marketing initiatives and work in a self-directed environment creating the new marketing direction.</p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Evaluate the collection of information and develop future marketing strategies for Acme including, but not limited to: <ul> <li>Online commercials to support Acme&rsquo;s expertise.</li> <li>Product brochures.</li> <li>Manage and organize trade show &ndash; Approximately 3 to 4 annually</li> <li>Updated acme&rsquo;s website with new product info and brochures.</li> <li>E-mail marketing blasts.</li> <li>Industry articles in print and online.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Create Acme&rsquo;s master customer and industry association lists.</li> <li>Work with sales to update and maintain current customer information.</li> <li>Update and keep Acme&rsquo;s website and social media feeds current.</li> <li>Provide regular news releases, literature bulletins, PowerPoint presentations etc.</li> <li>Develop and implement&nbsp;marketingand advertising campaigns.</li> <li>Liaison with key suppliers and relationships to leverage our marketing exposure.</li> <li>Track sales data.</li> <li>Research market trends and prepare forecasts.</li> <li>Work cooperatively with multiple company departments and outside entities.</li> <li>Be part of our new Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software development program.</li> <li>Help promote Acme&rsquo;s podcast &ldquo;Industrial Innovations&rdquo;</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>A four-year degree, or equivalent, from an accredited university.</li> <li>At least four years Industrial Marketing responsibility.</li> <li>Top notch written and verbal communication skills.</li> <li>Demonstrated knowledge of effective social media use.</li> <li>High level of interpersonal skills to adapt in a fast-paced dynamic work environment&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> </ul>