Senior Account Manager

<strong>Acosta is proud to foster a corporate culture that is empowering, inclusive and responsible. Our values center on people, integrity, results, trust, teamwork, innovation, and balance. Having associates who live these values and have a great passion for what they do makes Acosta a terrific company to work for.</strong>

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<p><strong>Acosta is the engine that drives greater sales and market share for consumer goods manufacturers and retailers around the world. A privately held sales and marketing agency based in Jacksonville, Fla., Acosta has more than 100 offices around the world with over 30,000 employees. Learn more about how our values, services and, most importantly, people are changing the CPG experience with proven results.</strong></p> <p><strong>Acosta is proud to foster a corporate culture that is empowering, inclusive and responsible. Our values center on people, integrity, results, trust, teamwork, innovation, and balance. Having associates who live these values and have a great passion for what they do makes Acosta a terrific company to work for.</strong></p>

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Overview: Responsible for the management of the assigned principals&rsquo; business within designated accounts. Primary responsibility includes increasing sales and market share of the brands represented, while earning a profit for our manufacturers and Acosta. The designation of Senior Account Manager should be reflective of an individual who has shown outstanding sales results on a consistent basis.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Maintain and build principals&rsquo; volume and share cost effectively for their brands through headquarter and retail selling.</li> <li>Achieve results at the lowest possible selling cost while maximizing company revenue (to include brokerage, commissions, bonuses, contest earnings, etc.); oversee all manufacturers&rsquo; expenditures at the customer.</li> <li>Achieve competitively superior in-store presence in the stores assigned to them (if applicable). Personally call on headquarter, supervisors, and other customer operations personnel for both direct and indirect customers. Manage manufacturers&rsquo; trade marketing funds, process direct shipments (via the Account Coordinator), and leverage data to sell concepts to the customer, as required.</li> <li>Report directly to the General Manager, Director, or Team Leader. Some Account Managers may have responsibility for the effectiveness and personal development of direct reports.</li> <li>Deliver principals&rsquo; objectives to include volume and sales fundamentals (merchandising, assortment, pricing and shelving) goals at the assigned customers at the lowest possible cost.</li> <li>Manage both direct and indirect customers as appropriate.</li> <li>Develop effective systems to manage trade marketing funds at the assigned customers in accordance with Acosta Company guidelines and policies, as well as those of the principal. Work to minimize sales related deductions.</li> <li>Operate within the corporate budget.</li> <li>Pro-actively communicate with key principals.</li> <li>Collaborate with Retail Sales Managers on all major retail initiatives (new product introductions, selling drives, contests, etc.).</li> <li>Solicit principals&rsquo; support for customer sponsored events and drives (i.e. charity benefits, sponsorships, etc.).</li> <li>Personally call on all decision-makers at the customer to sell business plans, programs, and concepts that improve long-term business results.</li> <li>Effectively use knowledge of customer, market, and principal to successfully sell principals&rsquo; specific programs and initiatives as well as company objectives and initiatives - involve marketing, technology, and administrative resources as needed to accomplish the objectives.</li> <li>Utilize General Manager, and Business Managers to understand and leverage customer strategies, and to develop conceptual sales presentations that can deliver principals&rsquo; objectives.</li> <li>Provide feedback on the effectiveness of principals&rsquo; strategies, selling programs, and initiatives to the principal and the General Manager.</li> <li>Provide timely information, principals&rsquo; expertise and selling priorities to the Sales Manager, supervisor, and shared resources (marketing, technology, and administration).</li> <li>Maintain current account distribution information.</li> <li>Review all market pricing reports on a regular basis for accuracy and competitive activity.</li> <li>Pro-actively share information and customer/principal information with other team members to help build organization capacity.</li> <li>Develop a Customer Business Plan that will deliver the principals&rsquo; business priorities.</li> <li>Utilize computer systems and technology to achieve the objectives of the Customer Business Plan. Develop and maintain personal skill levels to support the use of retail communication systems (RW3).</li> <li>Assist in the development of the Retail Selling Organization (Sales Manager, Supervisors, and Territory Managers).</li> <li>Provide feedback to the General Manager on how to build organizational capacity and improve our business.</li> <li>Supervise, monitor and evaluate the personal development of any direct reports and conduct Acosta&rsquo;s Performance Agreements.</li> <li>Pro-actively manage personal skill development plan.</li> <li>Responsible for special projects as requested.</li> </ul>
Requirements: Qualifications<br /> <ul> <li>Bachelor of Science Degree or equivalent work experience.</li> <li>Must have a proven track record in a sales capacity with a food broker or major national company.</li> <li>Prior experience must demonstrate sales skills along with the ability to successfully manage and direct others.</li> <li>A minimum of one year experience as an Account Manager and a history of outstanding sales results for the manufacturers under their responsibility.</li> <li>Must be proficient in a variety of software packages used to support the sales function.</li> <li>Must possess strong interpersonal, organizational, presentation, negotiation and sales skills.</li> <li>Must possess strong communication skills and be able to effectively communicate with manufacturers, customers and co-workers.</li> <li>Must have the ability to analyze sales and marketing information needed to make effective sales presentations.</li> <li>Must have proven exceptional ability to use analytical data and track trade spending.</li> <li>Must be able to effectively communicate with others.</li> <li>Must be able to speak, hear and sit for long periods of time.</li> <li>Must have good vision, dexterous use of both hands and be able to operate a calculator, computer, overhead projector, slide projector, printer, fax machine, telephone and copier.</li> <li>Must have a valid driver&rsquo;s license and be able to drive a car.</li> <li>Must be willing to travel.</li> </ul>