Direct Support Facilitator- San Marcos

<strong>At&nbsp;Adjoin,&nbsp;we strive to create an impassioned and fulfilling environment for both our clients and employees. We have been in action for 40 years and have worked tirelessly towards generating a positive impact in our communities. If you are interested in serving your community and becoming a valued asset to our team, please read ahead!</strong>

San Marcos Office - San Marcos, CA, 92078


<strong>At Adjoin, we are agents of change, building a future where all people can belong in the places they live, work, learn, and play. Together with our community partners, we remove barriers to belonging with innovative solutions that center the unique needs of every individual we serve. <br /><br />We believe a strong brand will set us apart by amplifying every message we send. Use these guidelines to write and design materials that uphold the integrity of our brand and exemplify what makes us unique.</strong>

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$17.00 - $19.00 Hourly

Overview: <p class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">We are currently looking for our next Direct Support Facilitator for our San Marcos Office!&nbsp;</span></p> <p class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">We are seeking an energetic professional who doesn't mind wearing multiple hats and doing a variety of duties. This is a full-time job, that includes both an office administration and direct support component. Direct support hours with Adjoin clients will vary and be based upon the needs of the individual served. Office administration hours are flexible but will take place between the hours of 8:30 am &ndash; 5:00 pm, Monday through Friday.</span></p> <p class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Please read a little about us and the job at hand to see if you are a good fit!</span></p> <p class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css"><strong class="ignore-global-css">At Adjoin, we:</strong></span></p> <ul class="ignore-global-css"> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Are a nonprofit dedicated to improving the lives of individuals with disabilities and Veterans.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Have been in action for 30 years and work tirelessly towards generating a positive impact in our communities.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Have ten offices from central to southern CA.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Are forward-thinking and person-centered.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Want our employees to truly be a part of our organization and love when they find their calling or even want to try out new one within.</span></li> </ul> <p class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css"><strong class="ignore-global-css">As an ideal candidate you are:</strong></span></p> <ul class="ignore-global-css"> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">An individual who values people and enjoys having fun while maintaining a professional work environment.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Experience in handling a wide range of administrative and executive support related tasks.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Experience serving individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities in community-based settings.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Able to work independently with little or no supervision.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Well organized, flexible and enjoys the administrative challenges of supporting an office of diverse people.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Excellent with communication and organizational skills.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Able to actively discover new ways to do the job more efficiently and takes initiative to move projects forward.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">A process and analytically focused individual with the highest attention to detail to proactively anticipate and resolve/coordinate issues.</span></li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <ul class="ignore-global-css"> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Act as coordinator for all office needs such as working with facilities managers, coordinating moves, communicating with alarm companies to resolve issues.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Greet visitors and answer and direct phone calls in a professional and courteous manner.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Assist with client tracking activities such as referrals and number of client hours as needed and directed.<em class="ignore-global-css">&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;</em></span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Disseminate information to office personnel in unit offices as directed and coordinate local &lsquo;all staff&rsquo; meetings.&nbsp;&nbsp;</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Engage in direct support activities for clients of Adjoin as assigned.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Photocopy and maintain inventory of forms, packets, supplies, including safety supplies such as PPE.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Manage and assist with documentation by scanning, uploading, organizing, and filing as needed, as well as assisting others with these tasks.&nbsp;</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Receive, sort, and distribute incoming and outgoing faxes, mail, and packages appropriately.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Maintain and manage petty cash in addition to tracking purchases and receipts.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Assist with fleet coordination as needed.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Manage Pre-Hire and onboarding process for new hires as needed and as directed by management.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Serve as office wellness ambassador by maintaining wellness board and informing staff of wellness challenges and updates.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Ensure location safety compliance by acting as local Safety Officer and as a member of the Adjoin Safety Committee including:</span> <ul class="ignore-global-css"> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Plan, conduct, and ensure staff attendance at month safety meetings.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Participate in and apply information from quarterly organization-wide Safety Committee meetings.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Facilitate and coordinate Hep B vaccines and worker&rsquo;s compensation administration, tracking and follow up.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Coordinate, participate in and follow up on both internal and external office inspections.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Plan, execute and track safety drills.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Maintain and update safety documents and required postings.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Track and facilitate required safety training and certification such as First Aid/CPR.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Manage and oversee all safety matters in the office, including fire extinguishers, first aid kits &amp; safety supplies.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Complete safety orientation training for new hires, including issue equipment, discuss the IIPP and ensure required training is completed.</span></li> </ul> </li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Oversee the maintenance of all office equipment.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Assuring office space is well maintained, orderly and a professional environment.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Maintain inventory of office supplies, equipment and furniture.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Facilitate ID badges being processed.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Act as the contact person for and gathering information for monthly newsletters.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Participate in Quality Assurance activities per company schedule as assigned.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Maintain and track assigned employee personnel documents in company HRIS system as assigned</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Track and upload required employee personnel and compliance documents such as Driver&rsquo;s Licenses, Auto Insurance and Vehicle Inspections.</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Reserve venues for meetings and conferences; organizing social events as requested; making travel and room reservations as required.&nbsp;</span></li> <li class="ignore-global-css"><span class="ignore-global-css">Other duties as assigned</span></li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>18 years or older</li> <li>High School Diploma</li> <li>Demonstrated computer literacy including Microsoft Outlook, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, search engines</li> <li>Ability to maintain discretion and confidentiality in the execution of job duties.</li> <li>Exceptional organizational, interpersonal, communication and time management skills.</li> <li>Hands-on, high-energy work ethic, with an ability to work very effectively as part of a team and with all levels of the company.</li> <li>Ability to proactively anticipate and resolve/coordinate issues.</li> <li>Ability to remain focused and professional in an ever-changing, fast paced industry.</li> <li>Ability to maintain discretion and confidentiality in the execution of the job.</li> </ul> <br /><strong>Position Requirements:</strong><br /> <ul> <li>Ability to travel within and throughout the county in which services are provided a minimum of 10% of the time.</li> <li>Successful completion of pre-employment drug screen and background check.</li> <li>Physical evaluation as required by job requirements which may include a TB test and/or a lift and transfer test.</li> <li>Acceptable DMV record.</li> <li>Adjoin requires all employees to be fully vaccinated against Covid-19 and boosted once eligible.</li> </ul> <br /><strong>Working Conditions and Physical Demands:</strong> <br /><br />This position requires the employee to regularly stand, walk, sit, talk and hear. They must be capable of writing, using a computer keyboard, telephone and related office equipment. Ability to lift 25lbs. required. This position will normally spend long periods of time in a sitting position (80% of the day). He/she may use a computer, which would involve repetitive finger, hand and wrist motion (75% of the day) and require being able to see the computer screen (90% of the day). Other physical exertion could involve walking, climbing stairs, lifting, stretching, bending, etc.<br /><br />Appropriate and professional dress is expected.<br /><br />The employee will experience normal office conditions with a well-lighted work area and minor noise from standard office equipment. In the community the employee will be working in community environments, employment sites and office environments. Potential exposure to noisy environments at job sites. Exposure to blood borne pathogens could occur. (Hepatitis B vaccines are offered to all employees at no cost to the employee.)<br /><br />The Office Assistant is expected to perform duties assigned during regular working hours. As necessary, the office assistant may be called upon to work in the evenings or on weekends. Unless otherwise stipulated, a normal workweek will be forty hours.