Program Manager

<strong>At&nbsp;Adjoin,&nbsp;we strive to create an impassioned and fulfilling environment for both our clients and employees. We have been in action for 40 years and have worked tirelessly towards generating a positive impact in our communities. If you are interested in serving your community and becoming a valued asset to our team, please read ahead!</strong>

Fresno Office - Fresno, CA, 93710


<strong>At Adjoin, we are agents of change, building a future where all people can belong in the places they live, work, learn, and play. Together with our community partners, we remove barriers to belonging with innovative solutions that center the unique needs of every individual we serve. <br /><br /><br /></strong>

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$66,560.00 - $68,000.00 per year

Overview: The Program Manager in Fresno is responsible for overseeing, managing, collaborating and coordinating designated Adjoin programs, services and personnel under the advisement and direction of the Director. The Program Manager is focused on ensuring that the services received by clients exemplify Adjoin&rsquo;s vision and meet standards of quality, safety, satisfaction, and goals of the client to optimize quality of life and independence.<br /><br /> <p class="ignore-global-css"><strong class="ignore-global-css">BECOME A LEADER OF INSPIRATION FOR OUR TEAM!</strong><br class="ignore-global-css" /><br />At Adjoin we strive to create an impassioned and fulfilling environment for both our clients and employees. We have been in action for over 40 years and have worked tirelessly towards generating a positive impact in our communities. If you are interested in serving your community and our Stockton office, please read ahead!<br class="ignore-global-css" />We are looking for a responsible and enthusiastic leader to work as our Program Manager. This is a full-time position and requires a special aptitude for accuracy, confidentiality, organizational skills, management skills, and interpersonal skills.<br class="ignore-global-css" /><br /><strong>Company Conformance Standards:</strong><br class="ignore-global-css" /><br />In the performance of their respective tasks and duties, all employees are expected to conform to the following:</p> <ul class="ignore-global-css"> <li class="ignore-global-css">Maintain client and program confidentiality.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Maintain a professional relationship with clients, direct service providers, families, employers, funders and other stakeholders.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Embody and model the mission, vision, values and standards of conduct of the organization.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Comply with Adjoin policies and procedures.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Conserve company resources and follow Adjoin Code of Safe Practices.</li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <ul class="ignore-global-css"> <li class="ignore-global-css">Employ, supervise, and evaluate personnel as necessary to operate all designated programs in his/her area.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Establish and maintain positive and productive relationships with funding agencies, advocate groups, individuals, and clients in his/her</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">assigned area.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Represent Adjoin to the public by being involved in community organizations and committees as identified by Director.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Provide requisite information and operational data regarding their programs to the Director in a complete, accurate and timely manner.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Train and assist employees to perform their duties in accordance with policies and procedures of Adjoin.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Maintain the requisite case and operating records that meet company and accreditation standards.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Complete at least one on-site visit to each of the offices within area of responsibility monthly.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Regularly visit community sites and offices to observe interactions, training techniques and quality of service being provided.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">With the input and direction of the Director, supervise the daily operations of Adjoin program services to assure:</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Proper and equitable assignment of caseload</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Accurate tracking and use of authorized service hours</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Client programs are expedited.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Clients are involved in program decisions and reviews.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Operate his/her program(s) in a fiscally responsible manner.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">As assigned by Director, ensures all program-related documents and reports, including the QA program, Newsletter, Client Social Club,</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Funder reports and billing activities are completed in a timely manner/per agency guidelines and that assigned programs are operating</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">within budgets.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Be directly involved in development of new sources of revenue.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Perform all duties of a Case Manager, and/or direct service personnel.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Provide direct service as needed and required.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Provide and attend all required meetings and in-services as assigned.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Complete all required training within required deadlines. Monitor and ensure all staff are completing required training.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Comply with all safety standards and practices. Assist Director in ensuring that safety standards are met per CARF standards across</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">assigned geographic areas.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Provide regular individual case management supervision meetings to maintain progress on cases, problem-solve, guide Case Managers and ensure accountability.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Directly manage caseloads as needed and required.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Be part of the on-call rotation as needed as required.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Perform other duties as assigned.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p class="ignore-global-css">Minimum Qualifications:</p> <ul class="ignore-global-css"> <li class="ignore-global-css">Bachelor&rsquo;s degree in Social Work, Sociology, Psychology or related field.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Demonstrated supervisory capabilities through three years&rsquo; experience working with individuals with disabilities.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">A minimum of one year&rsquo;s experience as a Case Manager or its equivalent in related experience and a minimum of two years supervisory experience are required.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Experience managing multiple programs and services for adults with disabilities or similar population, as applicable.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Excellent staff development skills.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Excellent written and communication skills with ability to respond to inquiries or complaints from employees, regulatory agencies or others.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Ability to multi-task, work under pressure and manage time is also an essential component of this position.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Demonstrated ability to effectively navigate and maintain professional boundaries as custodian of confidential information.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Computer literacy is (MS Office) and capability to maintain well-organized records and files.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Understanding of Human Resources practices.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Capability to oversee and monitor budgets.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Demonstrated ability in the area of strategic thinking.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Insured, registered vehicle in safe working condition, and proof of current CA driver&rsquo;s license and insurance.</li> </ul> <p class="ignore-global-css"><strong>Position Requirements:</strong></p> <ul class="ignore-global-css"> <li class="ignore-global-css">Ability to travel within and throughout the counties in which services are provided a minimum of 75% of the time.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Ability to travel in and throughout the state on a quarterly basis to attend meetings, trainings, etc.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Successful completion of drug screen and background check.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Physical evaluations may be required dependent upon specific assigned duties or compliance requirements and may include a TB test and/or a lift and transfer test.</li> <li class="ignore-global-css">Acceptable DMV record.</li> </ul>