Bilingual Training Executive

<p dir="ltr">As we focus on expanding adoption of and engagement with our ARGUS AE product across Europe, we need a new Bilingual Training Executive to join our London office. As a member of the Education team, you&rsquo;ll be instructing our clients in virtual and classroom settings across the world.</p>

London, UK

Altus Group, developers of ARGUS Software

<p>At Altus Group, developers&nbsp;of ARGUS Software, we break ground everyday with products that provide consistency, transparency, and efficiency into the financial and operational processes that drive the global world of commercial real estate. Our products were built exclusively for commercial real estate companies, incorporating best practices learned from over 25 years serving the industry and clients in over 60 countries. ARGUS Software&rsquo;s products have become the industry standard and provide the complete solution for managing and growing your commercial real estate portfolio. Thousands of users globally including leading owners, managers, financial institutions, brokerages and REITs trust ARGUS Software solutions to improve the visibility and flow of information throughout their critical business processes. These processes include asset management, asset valuation, portfolio management, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, lease management, collaboration and knowledge management.</p>

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Entry Level

Overview: <p dir="ltr"><strong>Who we are</strong></p> <p dir="ltr">Altus Analytics, a business of Altus Group, is the leading global technology partner to the commercial real estate industry and is poised for significant growth and expansion over the next three years.</p> <p dir="ltr">Altus Analytics brings together the collective expertise of ARGUS and Voyanta as the leading provider of CRE solutions worldwide. Our technology and industry expertise empowers commercial real estate clients and partners to work collaboratively to enhance decision making, drive performance and optimize transactional efficiency. From property budgeting, making strategic decisions about acquisitions or working with different teams, different organisations and different data, we can bring it all together.</p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>The opportunity</strong></p> <p dir="ltr">As we focus on expanding adoption of and engagement with our ARGUS AE product across Europe, we need a new Bilingual Training Executive to join our London office. As a member of the Education team, you&rsquo;ll be instructing our clients in virtual and classroom settings across the world.</p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>Who you are</strong></p> <p dir="ltr">You are a Trainer and in-class Facilitator looking to move into the fast-paced software training world; or, you have software training experience and, you recognize the potential, excitement and opportunities at Altus Analytics. We are disrupting the #PropTech sector and joining us now is a chance to work for a market leader who is responsive to client needs, on the cutting edge of tech and supports the &pound;10 trillion CRE industry.</p> <p dir="ltr"><strong>What&rsquo;s in it for you</strong></p> <p dir="ltr"><em>Impact.</em> This is a newly created role and an opportunity for someone who has been there-done that to take on the rewards of driving client growth and engagement through education.</p> <p dir="ltr"><em>Career development.</em> The experience and exposure gained as our new Training Executive, EMEA is a significant boost on a career path as you learn our product from all angles, leading to possibilities in sales, product management, consulting or other areas that fit your interests and skill set.</p>
Responsibilities: <p dir="ltr"><strong>Here&rsquo;s just a glimpse at what you will be doing:</strong></p> <ul> <li dir="ltr"> <p dir="ltr">Facilitating in-classroom training at training facilities and client sites across EMEA.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p dir="ltr">Continuously changing your training methods during sessions to maintain attention.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p dir="ltr">Creating custom training plans based on available technology - one size doesn&rsquo;t fit all.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p dir="ltr">Talking to clients, answering their questions and helping them understand our products.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p dir="ltr">Working with universities to expand ARGUS&rsquo; certification program.</p> </li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Requirements: <p dir="ltr"><strong>So, how do we know that&rsquo;s you? You have:</strong></p> <ul> <li dir="ltr"> <p dir="ltr">The expertise. You have proven experience in corporate adult education and training.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p dir="ltr">The education and the interest. You have a university degree and expertise in MS Office.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p dir="ltr">The passion for math and technology. You are able to explain complicated financial concepts, new terminology and technical processes to a variety of audiences. You learn new software, tools and concepts easily.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p dir="ltr">The flexibility. You have a valid passport and driver&rsquo;s license. You are able and willing to travel up to 70% through the EMEA region.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p dir="ltr">The language. You are fluently bilingual in English and German.</p> </li> <li dir="ltr"> <p dir="ltr">The relationship building skills. You can easily make and nurture connections with your teammates and your clients.</p> </li> </ul> <p dir="ltr"><strong>Need any more reasons to want to work with us?</strong></p> <p dir="ltr">As we continue to grow, the possibilities for the people that join Altus are significant. From professional growth to innovation to collaboration we are committed to continuing to foster the right environment to help our people realize their full potential. We give our people the freedom and responsibility to take charge of their career path, bring new ideas to the forefront and work on critical projects that will shape the success of our clients.</p> <p><span id="x_x_docs-internal-guid-389def7d-0ee2-fac5-b569-63ff711de607">We thank you in advance for taking the time to learn more about what makes Altus a great place to grow your career and do some of your best work. Apply now, refer a friend or stay on top of what&rsquo;s new by following us on&nbsp;<a href="">LinkedIn</a>.</span></p> <p><span id="com.peopleclick.cp.fieldlabel.disclaimer" class="pc-rtg-legal">Altus Group is committed to fostering an inclusive and accessible environment where employees feel valued and respected, and where every employee has the opportunity to realize their potential. We are committed to providing reasonable accommodations, if required, and will work with you to meet your needs.</span></p>