Web Platform Architect

We need someone who understands how to architect solutions in a range of technologies, who has a deep understanding of security, availability, scalability, applications and databases to help drive the initiative to move our industry standard solutions into the cloud.

London, UK

Altus Analytics, makers of ARGUS Software

<p>At Altus Analytics, makes of ARGUS Software, we break ground everyday with products that provide consistency, transparency, and efficiency into the financial and operational processes that drive the global world of commercial real estate. Our products were built exclusively for commercial real estate companies, incorporating best practices learned from over 25 years serving the industry and clients in over 60 countries. ARGUS Software&rsquo;s products have become the industry standard and provide the complete solution for managing and growing your commercial real estate portfolio. Thousands of users globally including leading owners, managers, financial institutions, brokerages and REITs trust ARGUS Software solutions to improve the visibility and flow of information throughout their critical business processes. These processes include asset management, asset valuation, portfolio management, budgeting, forecasting, reporting, lease management, collaboration and knowledge management.</p> http://www.altusanalytics.net

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Overview: <p><strong>The opportunity</strong></p> <p>We need a Web Platform Architect who is ready to architect our cloud solutions, chart new paths, and take our new and existing products to the highest level. Building on established technology and incorporating new technologies and techniques, we are building an unrivalled platform to serve the real estate investment industry. &nbsp;We need someone who understands how to architect solutions in a range of technologies, who has a deep understanding of security, availability, scalability, applications and databases to help drive the initiative to move our industry standard solutions into the cloud.</p> <p><strong>Who you are</strong></p> <p>You are a web architect with B2B enterprise-level experience at scale. You want to be part of building something new with greater visibility across the organisation and endless possibilities ahead of you as we continue to grow and scale.</p> <p><strong>What&rsquo;s in it for you?</strong></p> <ul> <li>The opportunity to come in and be part of defining and driving our web strategy as we aggressively expand our cloud platform.</li> <li>A greenfield opportunity to build a new API driven platform that will bring multiple products and applications together.</li> <li>A chance to build and work with a new global team.</li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <p><strong>What you will do:</strong></p> <p>Reporting to the Chief Architect, you will be based in London, UK as part of our growing, global architecture team. You will work on dynamic projects that cover several new products and technologies, but focus on architecting, developing and implementing a cloud- and web-based enterprise platform that is critical in Altus&rsquo; future.</p> <ul> <li>Design and architect large-scale distributed web-based and cloud-based services to meet complex business requirements</li> <li>Guide multiple development teams to build multiple Web Applications with the right architecture and design</li> <li>Communicate the target architecture design and roadmap to the business</li> <li>Develop and maintain architectural vision for the web platform</li> <li>Ensure clean design, architectural consistency and exemplary development practices</li> <li>Maintain documents describing the design and make them available to foster knowledge and create agreement on what we're building</li> <li>Develop framework or foundation level code where necessary</li> <li>Provide technical inputs to the product management team to ensure successful product delivery and informed decision making</li> <li>Communicate - and drive to implementation - the non-functional requirements to the web developers</li> <li>Develop standards for web frameworks where relevant, and promote best practices for software engineering, to ensure solid code and usability consistency across teams</li> <li>Oversee the documentation of the web framework as well as interface design/documentation with external/internal APIs</li> <li>Spearhead our technology trajectory by doing progressive research and prototyping cutting-edge technologies</li> <li>Write and advocate requirements (features, stories) for projects that advance technology/framework maturity</li> <li>Engage in release planning as a subject matter expert</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p><strong>What we are looking for:</strong></p> <p>This is a senior hands-on technical role. So while a passion for design and development of web and cloud-based solutions is your driving force, you&rsquo;ll need demonstrable experience. &nbsp;Here&rsquo;s what you&rsquo;ll have:</p> <ul> <li>A relevant Bachelor's degree and all the technical experience that comes with designing and developing large-scale enterprise web applications, including at least a few years in the architect role. Architecting solutions in an Agile way is a big plus</li> <li>Deep experience in creating a large scale B2B web platform; including: <ul> <li>scalability, resilience, partner interfaces</li> <li>security considerations (risks and threats, authentication, authorization)</li> <li>tuning and testing using automated testing patterns and tools</li> </ul> </li> <li>Practical experience in a broad range of development languages and frameworks including Node.JS, Angular, Java, .Net, and a clear understanding of their relative merits and applicability</li> <li>Strong expertise of design patterns, object-oriented design principles, engineering knowledge, developing frameworks and reusable components and building scalable applications for the cloud</li> <li>Ability to research, recommend and select the most suitable technologies and technical solutions for particular business problems</li> <li>Skills in developing and architecting cloud-based solutions including experience with: <ul> <li>Load balancers</li> <li>Web Servers, Database Servers to perform diagnosis on server performance</li> <li>Web Services, REST</li> <li>Penetration Test tools and remediation of issues found</li> </ul> </li> <li>An eagerness and ability to learn quickly. You have a devotion to evaluating and applying emerging technologies in an appropriate manner You can learn and apply alternative languages, technologies, frameworks, and platforms</li> <li>A commitment to collaboration. You thrive working across inter-disciplinary groups that bring teams together and build great products</li> </ul>