Continuous Improvement Lead

<p><span style="font-weight: 400;">This is&nbsp;a chance to be part of a growing global organization; a chance to have your voice heard and make an impact by introducing and implementing rigor and process.</span></p>

Toronto, Ontario


<p>Array is a leading global provider of end-to-end retail merchandising services.</p> <p>For over 35 years, we have been delivering innovation in point-of-purchase displays, self-service systems, retail fixtures and environments.</p> <p>Our clients benefit from our unparalleled range of in-house design, development and project management services; global manufacturing capabilities; comprehensive logistics and installation; complete follow-up services and our promise of continuous innovation.</p> <p>We have a robust, global operating footprint, serving customers across North America, Asia, Latin America and Europe.</p> <p>Using our unique knowledge of the retail industry and its customers, we play a critical role in developing and enhancing the in-store experience for the world&rsquo;s premier retailers and consumer product manufacturers.</p>

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Overview: <p>Array is transforming. Every day we become a stronger global company. With over 1500 employees and exponential growth, we are redesigning how we better serve customers and scale our business. We are building &nbsp;on strength acquiring new businesses and talent to increase our capacity and capability to innovate and accelerate rapid growth.</p> <p>A leader in the retail display and in-store merchandising services industry, we work with top brands like Est&eacute;e Lauder, Sephora, Ulta Beauty and L&rsquo;Or&eacute;al to name just a few. Experts in our field with over 35 years of experience, we are transforming our business process leveraging our deep industry knowledge and design innovation.</p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">As we expand around the world, we are looking for critical thinkers who are data driven and have a strong voice to help us steer towards the future and carry out our vision. Joining us now is a chance to lead our transformation, to make a mark and chart our future and your own career.</span></p> <p><strong>Who we need</strong></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Reporting to the Director, Continuous Improvement, we are adding an experienced, goal-achieving, solution innovator to our team. A Continuous Improvement Lead to plan, develop, lead, promote, execute and facilitate Continuous Improvement (CI) projects and events. Someone to work closely with the Director and focus on creating a lean and agile culture across the enterprise and sharing best practices across the team and organization. It&rsquo;s a chance to be part of a growing global organization; a chance to have your voice heard and make an impact by introducing and implementing rigor and process.</span></p> <p><strong>What&rsquo;s in it for you</strong></p> <ul> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Empowerment. </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">You want to drive efficiencies and improvements in manufacturing and operations by applying your passion for Continuous Improvement in this new role. You want the autonomy to make decisions and the trust that you will do your job effectively. </span></li> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Impact and exposure. </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">You are looking for a company you can commit to; one where you can grow your career into a Manager role and beyond. Joining us now during this exciting time of transformation is an opportunity to make an impact through structure, discipline and effective leadership.</span></li> </ul> <ul> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><em><span style="font-weight: 400;">Challenges. </span></em><span style="font-weight: 400;">You want to step up to the plate and meet and overcome resistance as you lay out realistic expectations, build internal relationships and increase efficiencies across the organization. You are ready to face a new scenario, new issues and news solutions every day.</span></li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <p><strong>What our new Continuous Improvement Lead will do:</strong></p> <ul> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Improve performance across the enterprise. Identify critical operational issues and develop continuous improvement strategies across departments including, sales order and program management, engineering, after-market care, sample acceptance, manufacturing, materials management, quality assurance, distribution and warehousing.</span></li> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Recommend changes to practices and processes. Develop business cases to support recommendations for change and develop controls to monitor the post-implementation progress.</span></li> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Collaborate. Work with operational/functional departments and teams of managers and champions to:</span></li> <ul> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Develop executable improvement roadmaps.</span></li> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Identify opportunities and applications for technology solutions and process innovation to improve account and project management effectiveness, productivity, quality, reduce design/engineering process complexity and variability, cycle time and increase operating capacity for core activities</span></li> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Improve 5S, Safety, Productivity, OTD and customer satisfaction through process improvements.</span></li> </ul> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Lead Continuous Improvement events. Act as a subject matter expert while empowering operational staff and associates to present ideas and create improvements and solutions</span><span style="font-weight: 400;">. </span><span style="font-weight: 400;">Quickly identify barriers to progress and execute team plan for the success of specific events.&nbsp;</span></li> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Drive adoption and sustainment. Develop and implement required operational procedures and processes. Monitor cost, schedule and performance of projects and events. Evaluate and take remedial actions to achieve sustained success.</span></li> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Own and drive the improvement initiatives. Support implementation of KPI team strategy and Daily Management tracking. Be responsible for achieving all operational improvement goals related to assigned projects.</span></li> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Create a positive team dynamic. Encourage team members to provide feedback and drive change within the operation. </span></li> </ul>
Requirements: <p><strong>So, how do we know you are the new Continuous Improvement Lead? You have:</strong></p> <ul> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">The education. Degree in Engineering, Business or a related field. Background in Engineering, Operations, Supply Chain Management or a Master&rsquo;s degree in Operations Management is preferred. Six-Sigma Black Belt Certification is an asset.</span></li> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">The experience. 5+ years demonstrable experience in process improvement initiatives across operational (program management, engineering) and business management settings in any industry. Hands-on experience and demonstrated financial and operational impact through implementation of a variety of CI/LSS tools to drive Lean Conversion. </span></li> <ul> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">Tools include 5S, Standard Work, Visual/Daily Management, Problem Solving Process, Kaizen facilitation, VSM and Business Plan Deployment. </span></li> </ul> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">The leadership and interpersonal skills. Direct experience leading a diverse team and managing project deliverables. Perceived as a credible leader with the ability to gain the trust of a team and guide their work. Excellent verbal and written communication. Expertise in conflict management and working towards a resolution.</span></li> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">The knowledge. Experience driving process improvement and lean strategies across the different functional areas and business processes. Understand interdependencies and the awareness to make the right decisions for the business. Ability to link improvements to financial and operational results and Demonstrated proficiency in time and project management. </span></li> <li style="font-weight: 400;"><span style="font-weight: 400;">The facilitation skills. Capable of training a diverse, cross-functional team and applying change management to engage the team with process improvement implementation. </span></li> </ul> <p><strong>The Array way.</strong></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Whether you are working in the engineering department in Long Island, the design studio in Toronto or around the world on the manufacturing floor, Array is a place that invests in our people and recognizes their success. We believe in open, honest communication and the input of all of our employees. </span></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">At Array, we foster a culture of mutual respect, innovation, collaboration and pride. From encouraging calculated risks that lead to innovation to providing access to education, on-site learning and the best technology and materials, we promise to provide a safe, creative, ethical and nurturing environment to build a dynamic career.</span></p> <p><strong>Diversity and Equal Opportunity Employment</strong></p> <p><span style="font-weight: 400;">Array is an equal opportunity employer committed to diversity and inclusion. We are pleased to consider all qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, color, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, age, disability, protected veteran status, Aboriginal/Native American status or any other legally-protected factors. Disability-related accommodations during the application process are available upon request.</span></p>