Client Services Coordinator

Most companies claim to have the best people. We say to them, "Keep dreaming." Our people are second to none. They set us apart with their entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and an unhealthy obsession with Halloween. (Have you seen the pictures?) They come to us from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Starbucks and the sports world, bringing energy, bold ideas and a willingness to dive into the unfamiliar. It's our people that make BDA one of <strong>Seattle's 100 Best Companies to Work</strong> for.

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BDA is more than a workplace - it&rsquo;s a family. For more than three decades we&rsquo;ve promoted a vibrant and welcoming culture that not only accepts but demands you to be different. The quirky, the bold, the creative and the unique make up the foundation of a company that the most iconic brands in the world look to help tell their story through the power of merchandise.

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Full Time

Overview: The Client Services Coordinator (CSC) works closely with Account Managers to find merchandise that fits the expectations and goals of our clients with a focus on adding value services.&nbsp; This includes sourcing products, helping to create product presentations, ensuring we are maximizing profitability through proper quoting, and following the project through delivery, resolving or raising the flag if issues identified.&nbsp; CSC&lsquo;s are primarily non-client facing but given visibility to learn the cadence, brand strategy, and expectations of the service level we are known to provide.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Work with assigned account managers in driving BDA value and meeting customer needs.</li> <li>Attend client meetings with the account manager to understand the client needs and the brand.</li> <li>Create documents and paperwork management for sales proposals, correspondence and management reports.</li> <li>Update and maintain orders through internal computer system.</li> <li>Source products, ideate based on differentiation strategy and client needs.</li> <li>Project and order management from start to finish to meet deadlines.</li> <li>Research, Create and maintain vendor relationships.</li> <li>Negotiate prices to maximize profits.</li> <li>Schedule and follow up on project deliverables and shipments to ensure deadlines.</li> <li>Work as a team with sales, production, creative services, garment services, accounting, warehouse, et. al. to ensure timely delivery and customer satisfaction.</li> <li>Maintain exceptional attendance and punctuality</li> <li>Allow for flexibility and change within the growing department</li> <li>Able to handle multiple responsibilities. Able to prioritize effectively.</li> <li>Maintain High levels of professionalism when interacting with clients and BD&amp;A employees.</li> <li>Exhibit high levels of customer service to ensure smooth operations and customer satisfaction.</li> <li>Other job duties and projects as assigned.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>1-2 years of experience in sales or sales support &ndash; ad specialty, merchandise industries, a plus</li> <li>Customer Service skills &ndash; proven ability to deal effectively with clients.</li> <li>Ability to communicate clearly and effectively with both clients and vendors via verbal and written communications.</li> <li>General knowledge of Microsoft Office.</li> <li>Ability to create documents and spreadsheets.</li> <li>Ability to learn and maintain processes while working in a fast-paced environment.</li> <li>Strong interpersonal and organizational skills.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Purchasing &amp; Ordering Experience</strong></p> <ul> <li>Purchasing &ndash; Negotiation skills &ndash; price and deadlines</li> <li>Marketing &ndash; Ability to help a client drive differentiation and brand value.</li> <li>Order Processing - project management skills.</li> <li>Multi-tasking &ndash; ability to produce goods utilizing one or more vendors.</li> <li>Detail Oriented &ndash; Follow-up and tracking of orders to ensure project deliverables.</li> </ul> <br /> <div class="about-us-description ng-binding">&nbsp;</div> <div class="about-us-info-content hidden-xs">&nbsp;</div>