Industrial Engineer

Most companies claim to have the best people. We say to them, "Keep dreaming." Our people are second to none. They set us apart with their entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and an unhealthy obsession with Halloween. (Have you seen the pictures?) They come to us from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Starbucks and the sports world, bringing energy, bold ideas and a willingness to dive into the unfamiliar. It's our people that make BDA one of <strong>Seattle's 100 Best Companies to Work</strong> for.

Plainfield, IN


BDA is more than a workplace - it&rsquo;s a family. For more than three decades we&rsquo;ve promoted a vibrant and welcoming culture that not only accepts but demands you to be different. The quirky, the bold, the creative and the unique make up the foundation of a company that the most iconic brands in the world look to help tell their story through the power of merchandise.<br /><br />North America/Domestic careers?&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" title="BDA" rel="noopener noreferrer">Click here.</a><br />International careers?&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" title="BDA" rel="noopener noreferrer">Click here.</a><br />Fulfillment careers?&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" title="BDA" rel="noopener noreferrer">Click here.</a><br />Seattle Kraken retail careers?&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" title="BDA" rel="noopener noreferrer">Click here.<br /></a><br /><strong>Connect With Us!</strong>&nbsp;Not ready to apply?&nbsp;<a href=";hashed=-435620418" target="_blank" title="Connect With Us" rel="noopener noreferrer">Connect with us</a>&nbsp;for general consideration.

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Full Time

Overview: ABOUT BDA<br />BDA brings the world’s biggest brands to life through promotional merchandise. Fortune 500 companies come to us looking to connect with their consumers on an emotional level. We create three-dimensional advertising that people invite into their homes, offices, cars and classrooms. We let people see, touch, feel, own and interact with a brand in a way no other marketing permits. It’s what we like to call the Power of Merchandise.<br />Four reasons to join BDA as an Industrial Engineer:<br /><ul><li>Work in every sector of our business:<ul><li>World Class Fulfillment </li><li>Process Optimization</li><li>Customer Experience</li></ul></li><li>Technical skills and business acumen: <ul><li>Tier 1 WMS/LMS/Control Systems</li><li>Cutting Edge RF Technology</li></ul></li><li>Understand big data: <ul><li>System Integration</li><li>Rapid Growth </li><li>Production Control</li></ul></li><li>Be part of a GREAT Team.<ul><li>Company culture.</li><li>Inspired teamwork, fun and excellence across our organization. </li><li>Work hard, play hard.</li></ul></li></ul>
Responsibilities: Duties & Responsibilities<br /><ul><li>Report and drive improvement within the site through the monitoring of the key Industrial Engineering metrics</li><li>Develop and maintain the Industrial Engineering succession plan for the site</li><li>Standardize the configuration of the systems used (e.g. Manhattan SCALE, Oracle EBS, IBM Cognos (SCI), Exacta Sentinel, LMS, ADP…)</li><li>Develop and maintain site key process flow charts</li><li>Develop, analyze, and maintain accurate department forecast based on both historical and forecast data</li><li>Support BDA by developing a solid process foundation and data integrity to support process improvement through the organization</li><li>Support and/or maintain all lower level Industrial Engineering essential duties and responsibilities</li><li>Follow corporate vision, mission, and values in daily activities </li><li>Work with the facility operations and corporate teams on the definition and delivery of reports and operational queries as needed to support the business</li><li>Support/ manage the configuration of the WMS application to meet BDA operational requirements</li><li>Serve as the first line of support and primary triage resource for any WMS issues reported by the operations team</li><li>Assist in the monitoring of all interfaces for the site to host order management, parcel, and material handling/ warehouse control systems</li><li>Work to establish, maintain, and update strategy (methodology, processes, standards, tools, services) used in Fulfillment/Distribution systems</li><li>Establish and maintain strong working relationships with co-workers, the business community, external customers, consultants, contractors, and vendors.</li><li>Work with Implementation and Program Management teams to transition new customer and development projects into normal day to day activities.</li><li>Work closely with the Fulfillment team to ensure that all have an accurate understanding of the solution to limit rework to the minimum</li><li>Gather requirements and design the most accurate and efficient solution possible</li><li>Participate in all phases of implementation and production support of applications and components in multi-technology, business-critical systems</li><li>Proposes strategies to reduce costs and improve procedures of supply chain logistics</li><li>Provide training to team members as needed</li><li>Ability to support off shift hours and weekends on occasion as required</li><li>May perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned</li></ul> <br />Any travel involved? Occasional<br /><br />Any financial/budgetary responsibility? Expense Budget Responsibility<br /><br />Strategic planning responsibilities? Managing resources to support business growth<br /><br />Number of staff reporting to this position: 5-10 or more as needed<br />
Requirements: Experience Requirements <br /><ul><li>BA Industrial Engineering supply chain management or similar</li><li>WMS/ERP experience with Manhattan SCALE, Oracle EBS, IBM Cognos (SCI), Exacta Sentinel, LMS, ADP </li><li>Demonstrated experience in expert manipulation of data to quickly highlight trends and draw accurate conclusions from the data.</li><li>Successful experience in process improvement initiatives</li><li>Experience conducting tracking and data analysis </li><li>Proficiency in use of personal computers, Microsoft Office products (Excel, Word and PowerPoint), Microsoft Visio, Microsoft Project, and e-mail skills required</li><li>Direct to consumer fulfillment operations/ e-commerce industry experience</li></ul>The ideal candidate will bring<br /><ul><li>5-year cumulative experience as a production/manufacturing front line supervisor with direct reports and/or experience in a similar role</li><li>Proven track record of successful change management accomplishments, implementing and management continuous improvements and cost reduction programs</li><li>Previous systems implementation/testing experience</li><li>New building startup and Multiple building campus experience</li><li>Experience with Manhattan Associates SCALE Cloud WMS, and Oracle EBS</li><li>Experience with labor and productivity planning applications</li><li>Experience integrating a WMS to Enterprise Resource Planning, (ERP) and Material Handling Equipment (MHE) systems.</li></ul>Job Skills and Traits<br /><ul><li>Strong business acumen; particularly in order fulfillment, inventory control and/or distribution.</li><li>Understanding and application of broad range of industrial engineering tools (i.e. Work measurement, simulation, process mapping, facilities and workstation design, operations research, etc.)</li><li>Strong financial and analytical ability</li><li>Ability to learn and become proficient as a Super User level with new software systems, Fulfillment/Distribution applications and processes</li><li>Coach and mentor the BDA team on Key Metrics, KVI’s, and control tools</li><li>Advanced proficiency with Excel/Smartsheets/Access </li><li>Knowledge of demand forecasting, total cost Analysis, and supply chain management fundamentals </li><li>Strong Process improvement skills, 6 Sigma</li><li>Excellent communication skills (verbal and written)</li></ul> Options