Warehouse Supervisor - CPA

Most companies claim to have the best people. We say to them, "Keep dreaming." Our people are second to none. They set us apart with their entrepreneurial spirit, ambition and an unhealthy obsession with Halloween. (Have you seen the pictures?) They come to us from the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, Nordstrom, Starbucks and the sports world, bringing energy, bold ideas and a willingness to dive into the unfamiliar. It's our people that make BDA one of <strong>Seattle's 100 Best Companies to Work</strong> for.


BDA-Seattle Kraken

BDA is more than a workplace - it&rsquo;s a family. For more than three decades we&rsquo;ve promoted a vibrant and welcoming culture that not only accepts but demands you to be different. The quirky, the bold, the creative and the unique make up the foundation of a company that the most iconic brands in the world look to help tell their story through the power of merchandise.<br /><br />North America/Domestic careers?&nbsp;<a href="https://careers-bdainc.icims.com/jobs/intro" target="_blank" title="BDA" rel="noopener noreferrer">Click here.</a><br />International careers?&nbsp;<a href="https://international-bdainc.icims.com/jobs/intro?hashed=-435620418" target="_blank" title="BDA" rel="noopener noreferrer">Click here.</a><br />Fulfillment careers?&nbsp;<a href="https://fulfillment-bdainc.icims.com/jobs/intro" target="_blank" title="BDA" rel="noopener noreferrer">Click here.</a><br />Seattle Kraken retail careers?&nbsp;<a href="https://kraken-bdainc.icims.com/jobs/intro" target="_blank" title="BDA" rel="noopener noreferrer">Click here.<br /></a><br /><strong>Connect With Us!</strong>&nbsp;Not ready to apply?&nbsp;<a href="https://international-bdainc.icims.com/connect?back=intro&amp;hashed=-435620418" target="_blank" title="Connect With Us" rel="noopener noreferrer">Connect with us</a>&nbsp;for general consideration. https://www.bdainc.com/careers

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Overview: <p>ABOUT BDA<br />BDA brings the world&rsquo;s biggest brands to life through promotional merchandise. Fortune 500 companies come to us looking to connect with their consumers on an emotional level. We create three-dimensional advertising that people invite into their homes, offices, cars and classrooms. We let people see, touch, feel, own and interact with a brand in a way no other marketing permits. It&rsquo;s what we like to call the Power of Merchandise.</p> <p>We give our team members the creative freedom and foster the entrepreneurial spirit necessary to champion our clients&rsquo; branding goals utilizing cutting edge ideas. Our people are our No. 1 asset, and we remain committed to making our company a great place to work for our team and family.</p> <p>We take great pride in our company culture&mdash;one that inspires teamwork, fun and excellence across our organization. We&rsquo;re energetic people who love what we do&mdash;churning out more than 50 million units each year for the world&rsquo;s most admired brands in a fun, fast paced environment that rewards high achievement.</p>
Responsibilities: <strong>O</strong>pens and closes a store and performs other administrative duties in our store setting. Their main duties include assisting customers when needed, making sure the store is organized, neat and tidy. Ensures that all store policies and merchandising standards are being practiced by staff. They do not carry any disciplinary powers, they do not hire or fire, &amp; they do not make any policy changes. A Key Holder carries out several duties to excel at their job. These responsibilities include:
Requirements: <ul> <li>Opening and closing the store</li> <li>Managing the store&rsquo;s security alarm system, including ensuring it&rsquo;s in perfect condition, enabling it and disabling it when necessary</li> <li>Making sure that the store is always clean and properly organized</li> <li>Enforcing store policies and keeping the staff focused on daily initiatives and objectives.</li> <li>Assisting store cashiers at peak periods</li> <li>Attending to customer requests or inquiries in the store</li> <li>Filling in for the store manager when required</li> </ul>