Incentive Comp Analyst

Look out pivot tables, there’s a new spreadsheet superstar in town. Integrity, honesty, and attention to detail define your profession—and you’re the best at what you do.

Merrimack, NH


<p><strong>At Connection, our purpose is simple: we connect people with technology. From hardware&mdash;PCs, printers, servers, and more&mdash;to cutting-edge cloud, cybersecurity, and professional IT services, we design, build, and support the IT solutions that thousands of companies, schools, and government agencies rely on every day. We like to think of ourselves as the IT Department for our customers&rsquo; IT Department. Our company started out almost 40 years ago with two employees and a phone line. Today we&rsquo;re a Fortune 1000 IT solutions partner operating in 174 countries around the world&mdash;still driven by that startup mentality and guided by our original purpose.</strong></p>

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Full Time

Overview: <strong>What We Do:</strong><br /><br />We calm the confusion of IT by guiding the connection between people and technology. If a customer is looking for a better way to manage their warehouse inventory, equip their workforce, or secure their data, we make it happen. All it takes is finding the right combination of tech hardware, software, cloud solutions, and support services. That&rsquo;s what we do. We&rsquo;re the IT Department&rsquo;s IT Department.<br /> <br /><strong>Who We Are:</strong><br /><br />Our team is made stronger by a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. It&rsquo;s what makes Connection unique&mdash;what drives us to innovate and create technology solutions that stand apart from the crowd. We&rsquo;d love for you to be a part of that fabric, to share your ideas and experiences with a team that thrives on fresh thinking, creativity, and helping others.<br /> <br /><strong>Why You Should Join Us:</strong><br /><br />You&rsquo;ll find supportive teammates and a rewarding career at Connection&mdash;plus great benefits. We take pride in supporting employees with a total rewards package that provides financial, emotional, and physical resources for you and your family. Our compensation, 401k plans, medical insurance, and other benefits are progressive and competitive. We value the importance of our employees&rsquo; emotional well-being. To support employees, we provide free therapy visits, mental health coaching and tools, and meditation resources. You&rsquo;ll also enjoy a generous paid time off package that includes not only vacation and sick time, but also Wellness and Volunteer Time Off days.<br /> <br /> <br />Working under minimal supervision of a Manager in the Incentive Compensation team, referring only exceptional problems and issues for management review or approval, the Incentive Compensation Analyst utilizes independent judgment and discretion to administer incentive compensation plans, comprised of commissions, bonuses and SPIFs (Special Incentive Programs) for Sales, Product Management, Supply Chain, Marketing or the Technical Services Group. Administration includes setting up, managing the process and calculating periodic incentive compensation plans, including operational analysis of the results. The Analyst assesses and makes appropriate manual vendor rebate adjustments and contractual RAFs (royalty admin fees paid back to our customers and keyed as a reduction of gross profit). The Analyst handles other systemic maintenance as needed in order to achieve proper participant crediting and accurate payouts.
Responsibilities: <br /> <ul> <li>Sets up and manages incentive compensation process per plan assigned to include the calculation and payment of bi-weekly, monthly and quarterly commission and bonuses and/or vendor or internal SPIF programs. Updates reports per plan needs.</li> <li>Responds to exception requests based on interpretation of all related factors</li> <li>Performs operational analysis of all results and the impacts in order to communicate to those affected as needed</li> <li>Interacts with Sales personnel to research and resolve any problem areas and to provide support for compensation inquiries.</li> <li>Administers daily, weekly or monthly manual vendor rebate adjustments, transactional freight adjustments where applicable and RAF adjustments to reduce gross profit on orders for payments committed to the customer.</li> <li>Ensures timely and accurate crediting results for compensation plan calculations.</li> <li>Maintains organizational structure in all related compensation applications, with additional ad hoc compensation reporting/analysis based on business needs.</li> <li>Provides any other duties as needed related to incentive compensation for Sales, Product Management, Supply Chain, Marketing or the Technical Services Group.</li> <li>Includes special projects and requests</li> </ul> <br /> <br />
Requirements: <br /> <ul> <li>Intermediate Microsoft Office skills including the creation of PowerPoint presentations, the creation of Word documents with mid-level formatting and the creation and manipulation of Excel spreadsheets with the ability to sort, subtotal and perform functions such as vlookups and comparative IF statements.</li> <li>Basic computer knowledge with ability to operate a keyboard for data entry.</li> <li>Intermediate skills or experience using Optymyze, a third-party Incentive Compensation software suite (or equivalent software).</li> <li>Attention to detail in composing, keying, and proofing professional business materials</li> <li>Customer-oriented with ability to listen to and anticipate needs of the customer</li> <li>Strong analysis skills with proven ability to evaluate incentive compensation plans</li> <li>Strong understanding and working knowledge of the company&rsquo;s various disparate data sources</li> <li>Adaptable with ability to switch tasks based on shifting priorities</li> <li>Analytical with ability to draw conclusions from data, systematic and rational</li> <li>Articulate with ability to express oneself clearly and professionally in written and oral communication</li> <li>Excellent verbal communication skills with ability to present professional demonstrations</li> <li>Conceptual with ability to conceive mentally, formulate ideas, use imagination to achieve results</li> <li>Decisive with ability to make a prompt determination and substantiate decision if challenged.</li> <li>Inquisitive information seeker with ability to ask probing questions to uncover root causes of problems</li> <li>Interpersonal skills with ability to work well with all levels of the organization</li> <li>Organized state of mind with ability to document activities, anticipate problems, plan schedules and monitor performance according to priorities and deadlines</li> <li>Supportive mentor with ability to guide and mentor team members</li> </ul>