Training and Development Specialist - Corporate - Distribution

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Wilmington, OH


<p><strong>At Connection, our purpose is simple: we connect people with technology. From hardware&mdash;PCs, printers, servers, and more&mdash;to cutting-edge cloud, cybersecurity, and professional IT services, we design, build, and support the IT solutions that thousands of companies, schools, and government agencies rely on every day. We like to think of ourselves as the IT Department for our customers&rsquo; IT Department. Our company started out almost 40 years ago with two employees and a phone line. Today we&rsquo;re a Fortune 1000 IT solutions partner operating in 174 countries around the world&mdash;still driven by that startup mentality and guided by our original purpose.</strong></p>

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Full Time

Overview: Working under general supervision of the Manager of Organizational Excellence, the Training and Development Specialist helps to plan, conduct, and administer programs that train employees and improve their skills and knowledge.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>The Specialist will create, organize, plan, and present&nbsp;training to employees throughout the organization as part of the New Hire and Development Training Program using a variety of instructional techniques.</li> <li>The Specialist schedules training as well as tracks trainee progress and provides ongoing feedback regarding course material updates and recommendations.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <div>A Bachelor's Degree in training and development, or the equivalent combination of education and work experience are required. <br /><br />Other required competencies are as follows:</div> <ul> <li>Demonstrates comfort utilizing technology as well as the ability to understand how technology and IT services support a business environment.</li> <li>Proficient with Microsoft Office Suite and related program software.</li> <li>Technical aptitude with ability to absorb and apply newly learned technical skills.</li> <li>Attention to detail in composing, keying, and proofing professional business materials.</li> <li>Working knowledge of policy, procedure, and work instruction documents.</li> <li>Adept with a variety of multimedia training platforms and methods.</li> <li>Ability to evaluate and research training options and alternatives.</li> <li>Ability to design and implement effective training.</li> <li>Excellent knowledge of adult learning concepts and how to utilize effective approaches to learning.</li> <li>Interpersonal skills with ability to work well with others and provide coaching feedback and guidance to trainees.</li> <li>Ability to think and make decisions independently.</li> <li>Adaptable with ability to switch tasks based on shifting priorities.</li> <li>Articulate with ability to express oneself clearly and professionally in written and oral communication.</li> <li>Excellent verbal communication skills with ability to present professional demonstrations.</li> <li>Good listening skills with ability to receive information completely and understand what is being said.</li> <li>Inquisitive information seeker with ability to ask probing questions to uncover root causes of problems.</li> <li>Intuitive with ability to perceive others' feelings and motives quickly from subtle signals.</li> <li>Quick study with ability to master a situation or learn new things with minimum direction or training.</li> <li>Ability to walk or stand for moderate periods of time.</li> </ul> <br /> <div>Other preferred competencies are as follows:</div> <ul> <li>Internal systems such as E1 and UKG with ability to enter/update information, preferred.</li> <li>Knowledge of Connection TIDC business practices preferred.</li> </ul>