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From configuration to packaging and shipping, every detail matters when it comes to the seamless delivery of IT. Join the team that makes logistics and custom configuration look easy.

Wilmington, OH


<p><strong>At Connection, our purpose is simple: we connect people with technology. From hardware&mdash;PCs, printers, servers, and more&mdash;to cutting-edge cloud, cybersecurity, and professional IT services, we design, build, and support the IT solutions that thousands of companies, schools, and government agencies rely on every day. We like to think of ourselves as the IT Department for our customers&rsquo; IT Department. Our company started out almost 40 years ago with two employees and a phone line. Today we&rsquo;re a Fortune 1000 IT solutions partner operating in 174 countries around the world&mdash;still driven by that startup mentality and guided by our original purpose.</strong></p>

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Full Time

$65,500.00/Yr. - $83,129.00/Yr.

Overview: <strong>What We Do:</strong><br /><br />We calm the confusion of IT by guiding the connection between people and technology. If a customer is looking for a better way to manage their warehouse inventory, equip their workforce, or secure their data, we make it happen. All it takes is finding the right combination of tech hardware, software, cloud solutions, and support services. That&rsquo;s what we do. We&rsquo;re the IT Department&rsquo;s IT Department.<br /> <br /><strong>Who We Are:</strong><br /><br />Our team is made stronger by a multitude of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives. It&rsquo;s what makes Connection unique&mdash;what drives us to innovate and create technology solutions that stand apart from the crowd. We&rsquo;d love for you to be a part of that fabric, to share your ideas and experiences with a team that thrives on fresh thinking, creativity, and helping others.<br /> <br /><strong>Why You Should Join Us:</strong><br /><br />You&rsquo;ll find supportive teammates and a rewarding career at Connection&mdash;plus great benefits. We take pride in supporting employees with a total rewards package that provides financial, emotional, and physical resources for you and your family. Our compensation, 401k plans, medical insurance, and other benefits are progressive and competitive. We value the importance of our employees&rsquo; emotional well-being. To support employees, we provide free therapy visits, mental health coaching and tools, and meditation resources. You&rsquo;ll also enjoy a generous paid time off package that includes not only vacation and sick time, but also Wellness and Volunteer Time Off days.<br /><br /><br /> <p><strong>Team Leader Customer Experience</strong></p> <p>Working under supervision of the Manager, Customer Experience (CX) or Client Engagement (CE) as assigned, relying on experience and judgement to plan and accomplish goals, the Team Leader, CX or CE is responsible for supervising the daily operations of the assigned Customer Experience or Client Engagement team members and multiple projects. The Team Leader supports Sales, PMO and other internal teams and customers by managing the production related aspects of orders that require value added services, expedited processing, and special-order handling. The Team Leader deals with situations of a varied and possibly complex nature requiring a wide range of process knowledge, advanced problem solving and interpersonal skills to assist Coordinators and end users. The Team Leader assists with the creation of process and procedure documentation providing training on changes. The Team Leader acts as a link between CX or Client Engagement and Product Management, Technical Services, Production, Quality, all other areas of the Technology Integration and Distribution Center (TIDC), as well as other corporate departments such as Purchasing, Customer Care, and Finance. The Team Leader provides Tier II department &amp; sales support to resolve complicated order issues; coordinates employee training, coaching and development; serves as a champion for overall department quality; promotes safety awareness; supports incidents (as applicable), order management best practices &amp; internal audit controls within the scope of department processes. THIS POSITION IS AN ONSITE POSITION.</p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Supervises assigned coordinators supporting current projects to ensure a smooth operation and high customer satisfaction: <ul> <li>Keeps the team informed on related project and updates.</li> <li>Manages and validates weekly timesheets, schedules and approve time off requests.</li> <li>Ensures agents follow company policies and legal guidelines.</li> <li>Attends internal and external client meetings.</li> <li>Handles client project monitoring, escalations, and reports.</li> <li>Handles problems related to warehouse shipments, inventory, and order carries.</li> <li>Supervises the processing of new and open service and change management requests.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Works with the Manager on current performance and future staffing needs: <ul> <li>Participates in new hire interviews and leads onboarding of new hires.</li> <li>Supervises the development, implementation, and administration of assigned staff training procedures and policies.</li> <li>Completes assigned performance assessment tasks for direct reports.</li> <li>Identifies and develops career paths for team members for jobs within the department, other areas of the TIDC or the company.</li> <li>Provides assistance to direct reports on new and ongoing projects.</li> <li>Mentors team members and addresses performance issues in a timely manner.</li> <li>Performs individual Quality Assurance assessments.</li> </ul> </li> <li>Coordinates value added processes to ensure quality and generate efficiencies: <ul> <li>Supports seamless onboarding of new customer projects into active production.</li> <li>Coordinates production activities and develops improved processes.</li> <li>Ensures tickets and orders are handled to customer specifications and oversees resolution of tickets and orders not processed per standard.</li> </ul> </li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Bachelor's Degree or the equivalent combination of education and work experience.</li> <li>Attention to detail in composing, keying, and proofing professional emails, business materials and standard procedure documents.</li> <li>Strong working knowledge of Microsoft products (Windows, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Teams), and other technology such as File Maker, Incident Management System (preferably ServiceNow), E1 or similar EPR system, Bartender, Pega, Avaya, VPN and Citrix.</li> <li>Ability to document processes, create and manage training schedules (as applicable), and assess training needs daily.</li> <li>Ability to create and manage SOP&rsquo;s (as applicable), job aids and department processes according to Company standards.</li> <li>Strong knowledge of SLO/SLA&rsquo;s (as applicable), Receiving, Shipping, and Inventory Control procedures.</li> <li>Strong organizational skills with ability to make time sensitive decisions regarding customers tickets and order issues to ensure customer needs are met.</li> <li>Strong management skills to ensure the team is meeting customer expectations by gathering information and executing in a rapid growing, fast-paced environment.</li> <li>Coaching skills to ensure minimal errors and ability to provide quality feedback as needed.</li> </ul> <br /><br /> <h2 class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoField_Job">Min</h2> <div class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoMsg_Job"> <div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Container"> <div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Text">USD $65,500.00/Yr.</div> </div> </div> <h2 class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoField_Job">Max</h2> <div class="iCIMS_InfoMsg iCIMS_InfoMsg_Job"> <div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Container"> <div class="iCIMS_Expandable_Text">USD $83,129.00/Yr.</div> </div> </div>