Honors Program Dog Trainer

<p>Canine College has an opening in our Honors Training Team for a Dog Trainer. We are looking for a passionate, enthusiastic, and experienced dog trainer to conduct one-on-one sessions with our furry students utilizing positive reinforcement clicker training. <br /><br />We do not offer Group Classes.</p>

Farmington Hills, MI

Canine College

<p>Canine College is one of the largest, premier dog boarding and doggie daycare facilities in Metro Detroit. We care for dogs of all breeds and ages, offering indoor and outdoor doggie daycare, boarding, training, grooming and retail services. Our human play field coaches are qualified with canine management skills, breed-specific knowledge, First-Aid, CPR and pack behavior training.</p> <p>All &ldquo;students&rdquo; are admitted upon successful completion of our &ldquo;pledge&rdquo; program, ensuring a friendly environment for the entire student body.</p> https://caninecollegemi.com/

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Overview: <p>The Dog Trainer is responsible for implementing positive reinforcement dog training utilizing clicker training or marked reward.&nbsp; We offer one-on-one basic obedience training along with problem behavior training utilizing clicker training and positive reinforcement for dogs of all ages. Our Trainers work with the dogs, identify problem behaviors, and communicate with the owner via SMS, daily reports and in person meeting the methods we used to train their dog so they can continue the work at home with their dog.</p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Consultations with clients to discuss behavior concerns and training needs along with development of individual dog training path. We provide personalized and customized training programs resulting in &ldquo;no two training sessions are the same&rdquo;</li> <li>Evaluation of dog&rsquo;s disposition and temperaments for dogs of all ages</li> <li>Conduct one-on-one dog training utilizing force free, positive reinforcement clicker training (we do not use &ldquo;E-Collars&rdquo;) for dogs of all ages</li> <li>Communication and documentation of progress and dog needs with dog owners via regular progress updates and teaching clients how to reinforce good behaviors</li> <li>Assist and meet with new clients to discuss their dog&rsquo;s needs and our program offerings. Completion or finish of sales process</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Patience and Confidence: Dogs have a mind of their own and come with different behavioral traits, patience is required. Dogs read energy and the more confidence our trainer is, the more the dog will respond.</li> <li>Communication skill: Communication with dogs and their owners is a requirement</li> <li>Record keeping skills</li> <li>Proficiency in Computers</li> <li>MUST LOVE DOGS</li> <li>High School Graduate</li> <li>Plus: Dog Training Certification</li> <li>Previous dog training experience</li> <li>Respond to dog training inquiries</li> <li>Excellent oral &amp; written communication skills</li> <li>Previous work experience in dog care industry</li> </ul>