Data Scientist Lead

This is an opportunity to contribute to the development and deployment of modern artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, operational research, semantic analysis, and statistical methods for finding structure in large data sets. 

Toronto, ON

Canvass Analytics

<p class="font_8">Canvass Analytics is a leader in automating intelligent industrial operations through its AI-powered predictive analytics platform. Canvass provides an enterprise grade platform for industrial customers to implement and scale automated industrial operations in a matter of days, using its pre-built predictive models pipeline.</p> <p class="font_8">Today, Fortune 500 companies are using the platform to automate complex production processes, generate new revenue streams and create new markets by producing higher grade products. Canvass Analytics&rsquo; customers include leading automotive, aerospace, energy, and food and agriculture companies globally.</p>

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Overview: <p><strong>A leader in automating intelligent industrial operations.</strong></p> <p>At Canvass Analytics, we are disrupting the way industrial operational data is being used to make critical business decisions. Our disruptive, leading edge AI-powered analytics platform transforms plant operations, giving them predictive insights that enable autonomous operations.</p> <p>In mere days, the Canvass AI software platform can enable Fortune 1,500 industrial companies to automate complex production processes, improve quality, reduce energy consumption, generate new revenue streams and create new markets by producing higher grade products. Canvass Analytics&rsquo; customers include leading energy, manufacturing, food and ag, oil and gas, and metals and mining companies around the globe.</p> <p>We&rsquo;re an agile scale-up with the operational intelligence of a global business. Our business is founded by a team of seasoned revolutionaries who are building the next generation of AI-powered analytics to transform the Industrial industry. As we accelerate rapidly, we are constantly looking for driven and ambitious innovators to join our team.</p> <p><strong>Who we need</strong></p> <p>Reporting to&nbsp;<a href="">Steve Kludt</a>, the CTO, who believes in failing fast but fixing it faster, our new Data Scientist will build our Reinforcement Learning models and coach a young team. This is a chance to use advanced quantitative and statistical analysis techniques to drive business innovation and to help solve some of the most complex processes in the Industrial sector. This is an opportunity to contribute to the development and deployment of modern artificial intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, operational research, semantic analysis, and statistical methods for finding structure in large data sets.</p> <p><strong>What&rsquo;s in it for you</strong></p> <p><em>The opportunity to step up.</em>&nbsp;You want to inspire and influence the work of a team and introduce or reinforce best practices.</p> <p><em>The room to experiment.&nbsp;</em>You want to join a company that&rsquo;s at the forefront of cutting-edge technology, and you want the autonomy to research and experiment. Use your machine learning know-how and coding expertise to collaborate with other Data Scientists and identify new techniques.</p> <p><em>The chance to evolve with us.</em>&nbsp;You want to solve the unique, complex problems we are facing and design algorithms for use cases we see in this space, taking us to the next step in the AI IoT market.</p> <p><strong>Who you are</strong></p> <p>You are a Data Scientist with a powerful combination of academic and practical experience; from theory to building out the architecture, you have the skills, the innovation, and the drive to be an active player on our team. You like to roll up your sleeves and get your hands dirty. When facing a complex challenge to solve, your favourite route is to start by writing Python code in Tensorflow to see what can be accomplished with the data. You are excited by the chance to support both high volume big data training of models, as well as working with real time streaming data, edge analytics, working with those types of technologies.</p>
Responsibilities: <p><strong>As the new Data Scientist Lead, you will:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Guide the work of the team, removing roadblocks, creating solutions and making things happen.</li> <li>Coach, mentor and develop the skills of junior Data Scientists, ensuring satisfaction, instilling a passion for what they do and fostering a collaborative culture.</li> <li>Introduce and implement processes and workflows based on best practices.</li> <li>Build relationships with Google&rsquo;s Gradient Ventures, the Vector Institute to collaborate on the Reinforcement Learning issues.</li> <li>Work closely with the Product team to disseminate knowledge and skills specific to the operational requirements, collection, and handling of Industrial operational data.</li> <li>Interpret and utilize mass quantities of data to generate innovative hypotheses and insights.</li> <li>Use a sophisticated statistical method to solve problems, leveraging up-to-date academic research and techniques.</li> <li>Quantitatively test hypotheses about data used to create models that increase the performance of predictive models for supervised, unsupervised and reinforcement learning use cases.</li> <li>Design and implement novel experiments to better understand current operations and create models to optimize processes.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p><strong>Our new Data Scientist Lead has:</strong></p> <ul> <li>The education. You have a Masters or Ph.D. in Mathematics.</li> <li>The experience. You have expertise in building and deploying AI-based models. An Industrial background would be nice to understand what we&rsquo;re trying to solve. You understand how to look at a business problem and identify creative ways to solve that problem with the data available.</li> <li>The passion for working with data. You are continuously researching, prototyping and testing.</li> <li>The hands-on leadership. You are a natural leader who can listen, collaborate, influence and build trust. You are a champion for your team with the ability to inspire high-quality work and a positive environment. You can provide perspective and keep the team focused on critical deliverables and tasks. You can effectively manage conflict, make barriers disappear and negotiate personnel issues.</li> <li>The communication skills. You can build strong collaborative relationships and work closely with teammates across different departments. You have the verbal and written skills to clearly and confidently express your ideas and your thought process to clients, succinctly translating complex, technical language to tangible business concepts.</li> </ul> <p><strong>Why join us?</strong></p> <p>Are you looking to join a venture that is paving the way of the next industrial revolution? Canvass Analytics is using AI to automate operations for the Industrial sector. We are changing the way Industry thinks and uses AI, and it&rsquo;s getting noticed everywhere. We&rsquo;ve been recognized by Network World as a Top 10 Hot AI-Powered IoT Startups and by Canadian Innovation Exchange as a Top 20 Most Innovative Canadian Company. Our Founder and CEO, Humera Malik, is one of the 2018 RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Ones to Watch Award Winners. Canvass is backed by Google&rsquo;s Gradient Ventures.</p> <p>What&rsquo;s it like to work at Canvass? This is a place where everyone is all in. From the CEO to the newest hire, we all pitch in where needed and do what it takes. We are a relatively flat organization where everyone is invited to the table, to listen in and be part of the conversation and decisions. We appreciate the efforts, innovation, and results of our team. We offer:</p> <ul> <li>Access to a highly dynamic, innovative, and passionate leadership team.</li> <li>An opportunity to be part of a global company that is transforming the global Industrial market with AI.</li> <li>A diverse and inclusive company culture.</li> <li>A competitive salary.</li> <li>A commitment to supporting your career development.</li> <li>All of the benefits of OneEleven membership including peer groups, open networking opportunities and more.</li> </ul> <p>If you want to be an agent of change and disruption; if you want to work with and talk about AI and IIoT as part of your everyday life, join Canvass Analytics now and help us make a difference.</p> <p><strong>Apply now</strong></p> <p>Think this job is meant for you but worried you don&rsquo;t have it all? If you feel you meet 70% of the qualifications listed and you are an innovative team player, express your interest here, and we promise to consider your full profile. You can also follow us on&nbsp;<a href="">Twitter</a>&nbsp;or&nbsp;<a href="">LinkedIn</a>&nbsp;to learn more about us.</p> <p>Canvass Analytics welcomes and encourages applications from people with disabilities. Accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the selection process.</p>