Product Manager – Product Line

<p>Our client is well-known in the industry for their commitment to implementing the highest quality, authenticity and cutting-edge solutions to high tech and industrial markets. They have established themselves as a market leader for all solutions in their industry, keeping ahead of market demands in new technology. &nbsp;Their success is based on maintaining its competitive edge by constantly providing innovative products and services and customer-first approach.</p>

Zurich, Switzerland

Career Opportunities International (C.O.I.)

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Overview: <p><strong><em>The Position</em></strong></p> <p>This is an exciting opportunity to head Product Management and R&amp;D operations for a well-defined and multi-facetted product line and strengthen overall business performance. &nbsp;</p> <p>As a Product Manager, you will work in a global, industrial environment that is committed to innovation.&nbsp;&nbsp; These two functions working efficiently together are essential to the product line&rsquo;s sustainable success.&nbsp; You will participate in defining and reporting KPI&rsquo;s for your area of responsibility, as well as interfacing with other functions to achieve operational excellence. You will adopt creative problem-solving techniques and have an inherent ability to understand and resolve challenges through collaboration. Our client fosters a corporate culture of accountability at work and embraces freedom to take your own initiative.&nbsp; &nbsp;</p> <p>You will be bringing professional expertise and product know-how into the organization and to the customer.&nbsp; As a leader, you will be enabling everybody to contribute ideas, commit to the implementation and implement these initiatives together cohesively.&nbsp; You will understand the needs of the lead customers and prospects to ensure short and long-term success in the targeted markets.&nbsp; You will complete, develop and manage a competitive leading-edge product portfolio for each targeted market to grow and reinforce the product leader positioning at all times.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p>This is an exciting and highly rewarding opportunity to join a dynamic company that is planning significant corporate growth in all areas of its business in the mid and long term.&nbsp;</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>Title:&nbsp; Product Manager &ndash; Product Line </strong></p> <p><strong>Reports to:&nbsp; Divisional Product Line Manager</strong></p> <p><strong>Location:&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;Zurich Area, Switzerland</strong></p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p>
Responsibilities: <p><strong>Key Responsibilities and Objectives</strong></p> <p>Responsible for product management, product development and technology management as relevant for the given product line</p> <p>Analyzing market, customer and competitor research to understand market characteristics and opportunities</p> <p>Ensure competiveness over entire product life cycle by systematically addressing also non-technical product features to maintain differentiation</p> <p>Develops and launches creative go-to-market plans</p> <p>Defines users (markets, customers) and use scenarios (applications) and demonstrates product advantages</p> <p>Provides product context for R&amp;D</p> <p>Establishes KPI reporting and calculation</p> <p>Works cross-functionally with other business operations, marketing/communications, and sales teams</p> <p>Promotes the product line by actively managing training and knowledge transfer to the sales team, including the emphasis on selling the highest quality products</p> <p>Capable to orchestrate the marketing mix (product, price, promotion, place) for given product lines</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>
Requirements: <p><strong>Qualifications and skills &nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp; </strong></p> <p>Candidate must have technical background and product management experience in electrical components</p> <p>Customer focus and ability to build relationships with external and internal customers.&nbsp; Customer satisfaction and benefit is of utmost importance</p> <p>Comfort with R&amp;D processes and technical terminology to effectively manage this part of the product life cycle</p> <p>Demonstrated ability with on-time product release and high-impact, professional product launches</p> <p>Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including presentation skills</p> <p>Complex problem-solving skills and able to identify, develop and implement solutions, technology, and processes proactively</p> <p>Able to be an attentive listener with an ability to motivate and develop employees</p> <p>International experience, preferably in Asia and United States</p> <p>Strong analytical skills</p> <p>Experience working in a multi-cultural and diverse environment</p> <p>Able to travel internationally up to 20% of the time</p> <p><strong>Education and Experience</strong></p> <p>Bachelor&rsquo;s Degree in Electrical Engineering or Physics required, Master&rsquo;s Degree preferred</p> <p>At least 5 years of experience in Product Management for technically complex products</p> <p>Fluency in English a must</p>