Director of Innovation Execution

<p>Our client, a global appliance manufacturer,&nbsp;has a first-rate reputation through product quality and customer excellence.&nbsp;They are experiencing&nbsp;high international growth and are&nbsp;seeing&nbsp;a dynamic change in the industry, requiring them to be more agile. Innovation is one of their core values,&nbsp;which is why they decided to focus even more on technology by creating a new, start-up style function&nbsp;which will&nbsp;establish technology innovation strategy and determine next-generation of digital offerings.</p>


Career Opportunities International (C.O.I.)

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Overview: <p>The Director of Innovation Execution will head the development of digital business incubators and new model innovation strategies. The goal is to enhance products while creating new revenue streams with the next generation of digital offerings. With a focus on quick wins, advanced technologies as well as superior customer experiences, this position will help our client company to not only establish a clear vision for product digital transformation, but to execute with confidence and realize measurable business results.</p> <p>The Director of Innovation Execution is expected to translate innovative technologies such as AI/ML, sensors, and IoT into simple and smart solutions for customers while keeping financial objectives at the forefront. The most critical aspect of this role will be to execute vetted innovation and bring these products and services to market. If you have strong track record of bringing innovation ideas to market in a hands-on way, we want to hear from you!</p>
Responsibilities: <p>Innovation</p> <ul> <li>Perform permanent benchmark of customer experience, Internet of Things and Digital Services across industries</li> <li>Assess macro trends, technology innovation data, customer insights and business objectives to identify unmet customer needs and underserved markets to develop new use and business cases</li> <li>Identify outcome-based use cases using modern User Experience Design to leverage cloud connectivity, machine learning, artificial intelligence, increased product value from software, digitized user interfaces that are hyper personalized</li> <li>Utilize ability, passion, and vision to drive new, rapid, and effective procedures to evaluate, select, and deliver new products, features, and technologies</li> <li>Be a change agent to drive new-to-company engineering, technology deployment, and rapid delivery approaches</li> <li>Leverage expertise with a variety of commercial and product innovation methods (e.g. design thinking, lean start up, ideation, prototyping, etc.) with internal and external resources</li> <li>Establish value added relationships with new and existing suppliers to innovate and co-innovate existing and new offerings with speed to market and optimum design</li> </ul> <p>Execution</p> <ul> <li>Take vetted product development specs and transform them into designs</li> <li>Bring products from the design phase to market working in close partnership with manufacturing globally</li> <li>Lead the new product development engineering resources for execution of designs, including: System architects, mechanical/electrical engineers; internal and outsourced resources</li> <li>Exercise a strong partnership with product management and program management directors</li> <li>Leverage techniques and technologies across UX/UI/ID, IoT, hardware, software, firmware, and manufacturing domains from around the globe to effectively deliver innovative products</li> <li>Question legacy approaches in a productive manner and develop new approaches as needed</li> <li>Recommend manufacturing improvements and direct quality procedures, methods, and systems to ensure quality standards are met</li> <li>Maintain customer satisfaction process for the 'quality group' and effectively address customer escalations in terms of response time and issue resolution</li> <li>Maintains control overall changes to products</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Demonstrated ability to manage a multi-disciplinary innovation function in regards to strategy, implementation, and execution</li> <li>Proven ability to effectively deliver concepts and technologies to market (not just the strategy)</li> <li>Ability to manage suppliers, external development agencies and resources, and related contracts</li> <li>Excellent knowledge of key trends in technology and innovation, including the start-up industry</li> <li>Business or technical experience with technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, IoT</li> <li>Exceptional project management skills and ability to evolve both program management and design engineering approaches to deliver quality technologies and products rapidly</li> <li>Demonstrated success in leading teams and developing employees</li> <li>Capacity to balance complex trade-offs and technical targets, align on a vision for new product development projects, and drive the technical teams through the journey</li> <li>Confidence in delivering business critical presentations to all levels including C Suite</li> <li>Strong inclination to take ownership and ensure others do the same</li> <li>Must be able to travel as needed (about 20%)</li> <li>Bachelor&rsquo;s degree&nbsp;in Business area or Mechanical/electrical engineering required</li> <li>Master's degree or MBA preferred</li> <li>Experience in the design and troubleshooting of mechanical and electrical systems integrated with digital technology, (experiences in areas of motors, drives, bearings, controls, thermal systems, systems technologies etc. helpful)</li> <li>Experience managing external resources, ideally for digital development</li> <li>Successful product line start-up experience (ideation to launch) desired</li> <li>Experience in the sourcing of, equity financing or M&amp;A of technology companies ideal</li> </ul> <ul> <li>Minimum 10 years experience in design engineering or innovation (ideally both)</li> <li>3+ years executive-level exposure preferred</li> </ul>