Transportation Manager

Our client is a well-established, multi-disciplinary engineering firm that provides innovative and award-winning solutions to their clients.

Calgary, AB

Catherine Brownlee

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Overview: This engineering consulting firm requires the expertise of an experienced Transportation Manager to fill the role at its Calgary location. This&nbsp;position&nbsp;is a key leadership role in the company, and focuses primarily on client relations, project delivery, business growth, and team management.<br /> <p><strong>What You&rsquo;ll Get in Return</strong></p> <p>Our client champions an entrepreneurial spirit; consistent growth has resulted in its shareholders benefiting through healthy returns. The firm is employee-owned, with a strong commitment to the community.</p> <p>You are invited to become a visionary business owner, without needing to assume high personal financial risks. Historically, our client&rsquo;s shareholders have benefited from annual dividends and / or share value increases that are at the top decile of the North American market, and unmatched by publicly traded firms.</p> <p><strong>Compensation</strong></p> <p>Salary is commensurate with experience, and with diversity, depth and complexity of civil or municipal engineering experience. Full benefits and an attractive bonus structure is available.</p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Provide experienced and skilled management of transportation engineering projects from proposal stage, through conceptual design, detailed design, tender package preparation, construction, and project close out.</li> <li>Analyze markets&nbsp;to capitalize on project opportunities and develop new business.</li> <li>Liaise with and develop strategic relationships with key clients, agency representatives and partners.</li> <li>Mentor and manage technical and professional staff.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>At least 15 years&rsquo; experience in transportation engineering with a strong focus on project management, as well as solid experience in design and construction.</li> <li>Registration as a Professional Engineer (P. Eng.) in Alberta, or eligible for registration.</li> <li>Well-honed business development and client liaison skills as well as proven strength in project delivery are an <strong><u>absolute must</u></strong>.</li> <li>Excellent communication and leadership abilities; ability to thrive in a high-performance team environment.</li> <li>Familiarity with the Alberta transportation market is an asset.</li> </ul>