<strong>Chatters isn't your average salon chain. We're a unique blend of the best in Retail and Services, allowing our amazing Stylists and Beauty Consultants to offer our guests a world-class, one-stop beauty care experience.</strong>

Various locations in Canada


<strong>Chatters is a proudly Canadian company. Our Mission is to be the official supplier of Style Happy Hair Days. We strive to offer the most inclusive and environmentally sustainable salon and shopping experience - inspiring our guests to look good, feel good, and do good, one style at a time. Our Vision is to constantly evolve alongside you, our customer.</strong>

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Overview: There&rsquo;s nothing more empowering or fulfilling than having a career and while still having the opportunity to grow and progress your&nbsp;<strong>artistic talent</strong>. We know what it&rsquo;s like to start out in the industry &ndash; we are passionate about supporting and growing new artists that are focused on becoming a hairstylist.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li><strong>Make a difference</strong>.&nbsp;Delivering on our 5-star customer service philosophy by being your awesome self</li> <li><strong>Use your styling powers for good!</strong>&nbsp;With the help of your love for all things beauty-related, you&rsquo;re ready to exercise your talents to ensure our guests look and feel their best</li> <li><strong>Strive for success</strong>. A little friendly competition has never held you back. You&rsquo;ve got that inner drive to achieve and exceed your daily sales targets.</li> <li><strong>Make a connection</strong>. Not only do you excel at connecting with people and meeting their needs, you&rsquo;re able to anticipate them</li> <li><strong>Speak their language</strong>. You recognize that everyone has a different approach to beauty and are able to effectively communicate in a way that everybody understands</li> <li><strong>Have fun!</strong>&nbsp;The very definition of positivity, you&rsquo;re upbeat and make your work environment fun and welcoming environment for guests and your coworkers</li> <li><strong>Be a pro</strong>. Maintain a high level of competence and professionalism when representing Chatters at all times</li> <li>Ensure safety and quality standards are met at all times</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li><strong>Eligible apprentice, you have completed your post secondary education and are ready to go!</strong></li> <li>A creative flair for hair (yes, we meant to make a rhyme)</li> <li>The ability to artistically focus on your work, yet still be a mad multi-tasker</li> <li>A relentless passion to provide the best possible service with every guest interaction</li> <li>An outgoing, easygoing manner that makes our guests feel comfortable from start to finish</li> <li>Confidence, self-motivation and excellent communication skills</li> <li>Excitement at the thought of working at a place where you can grow and build your career</li> <li></li> </ul>