Mortgage Closing Disclosure Specialist

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Troy, MI

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Competitive Compensation and Benefits Package

Overview: A Closing Disclosure Specialist reviews and prepares all the necessary information to complete an Early Closing Disclosure. S/he verifies all information is correct and sends it to the customer to meet TRID Guidelines. S/he will communicate an outgoing and friendly professional demeanor not only to customers but to staff as well.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Perform all functions required to obtain and coordinate fees for the creation of the TILA RESPA Integrated Disclosure.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Review title work and ensure the accuracy of either first or second lien position as applicable.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Verify the data integrity of all closing information against documents in the file.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Complete key mortgage-related fields in our Encompass origination system.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Prepare initial Closing Disclosure with an understanding of mortgage-related terms and types of programs. Conduct a detailed review of all fees for accuracy.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Ability to review Mavent Compliance Reports and understanding of RESPA Regulations to ensure we are disclosing fees within compliance.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Re-disclosure of Closing Disclosure, if necessary.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Ability to address any timing or delivery issues to maintain compliance with TRID</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Ability to meet our quality requirements</span></li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">High school diploma or equivalent required</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Previous Mortgage experience preferred.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Ability to write reports, business correspondence.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Ability to read and interpret documents such as policies, memos, and job instructions and procedure manuals.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Ability to effectively present information and respond to questions from groups of managers, customers, and the general public.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Must be flexible to change and a fast-paced environment.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Preferred knowledge of all loan types and the associated documentation that pertains to each.</span></li> <li data-darkreader-inline-color=""><span data-darkreader-inline-color="">Working experience in mortgage loan origination systems preferred.</span></li> </ul>