Maintenance Technician

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LaVergne, TN


<strong>Chromalox, a Spirax Sarco Engineering company, is a thermal technology company. We engineer thermal solutions for the world&rsquo;s toughest industrial heating applications. Our Heat Trace division delivers temperature management solutions for piping systems, valves, and tanks. Our Industrial Heaters and Systems&nbsp;division delivers process heating solutions for revenue-generating industrial processes, and our Component Technologies&nbsp;division delivers component heating solutions for industrial equipment manufacturers. Chromalox was founded in 1917 and is headquartered in Pittsburgh, PA, USA.</strong>

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Overview: Repairs and maintains, in accordance with diagrams, sketches, operation manuals, and manufacturer&rsquo;s specifications, machinery and mechanical equipment, such as engines, motors, pneumatic tools, conveyor systems, and production machines and equipment, using hand tools, power tools, and precision measuring and testing instruments.
Responsibilities: <div id="Jobs_JobDetail_JobDescriptionText"> <ul> <li>Observes and listens to operating machines, mechanical devices or equipment to diagnose machine malfunction and determine need for adjustment or repair.</li> <li>Dismantles machine, device or equipment to examine parts for defect or to remove defective parts. May use hoists, cranes, hand tools and power tools.</li> <li>Replaces defective part with new part or repairs or reproduces part from various kinds of metal stock, using hand tools, such as scraper, file, and drill, and machine tools such as lathe, milling machine, shaper, borer, and grinder.</li> <li>Tests malfunctioning machinery, using test equipment, and discusses malfunction with other maintenance staff to diagnose malfunction.</li> <li>Adjusts functional parts of devices and control instruments, using hand tools, electrical multi-meter, gages, feeler gages, levels, plumb bobs, and straightedges.</li> <li>May set up and operate lath, drill press, grinder and other metalworking tools to make and repair parts.</li> <li>May initiate purchase order for parts and machines.</li> <li>May weld parts, using arc or gas welding equipment.</li> <li>Performs routine preventative maintenance on machines as scheduled and required for TPM.</li> <li>Works individually and as a team to develop and implement quality and efficiency improvements.</li> <li>Conducts tests and inspections of equipment, or processes to evaluate quality or performance.</li> <li>Takes appropriate corrective action in emergency situations such as power, water, heating and air equipment failures, fires, etc.</li> <li>Performs or assists or directs work in building modifications or plant/office layout changes as assigned.</li> <li>Maintains general facility and office equipment in a safe state of repair. Makes routine inspection of safety equipment as required.&nbsp; Performs general inspection of all equipment for safety requirements and recommends appropriate action to manager.</li> <li>Contacts contracted vendors for maintenance procedures as required.</li> <li>Maintains an inventory of required spare parts for critical production equipment.</li> </ul> </div>
Requirements: <h2>Required Experience</h2> <ul> <li>High school diplomas or general education degree (GED); with one to three years related experience and/or training; or equivalent combination of education and experience with production processes, machines and/or tools.</li> <li>Thorough knowledge of general shop tools and equipment required in maintenance procedures.</li> <li>Ability to perform work requiring continual attention to detail in follow through, establishing priorities and meeting deadlines.</li> </ul>