Communications Director

<p class="p1">The mission of the Citizens Research Council is to promote the development of informed public policy at all levels of Michigan government through the delivery of factual and unbiased analyses of the issues most critical to state and local government. Examples of our research can be found at&nbsp;<a href="" target="_blank" title="" rel="noopener noreferrer"></a>.</p>

Livonia, MI

Citizens Research Council of Michigan

<p class="large">The Citizens Research Council of Michigan is a privately funded, not-for-profit public affairs research organization that was founded in 1916.</p> <p>Since then, the objective of the Research Council has been to provide factual, unbiased, independent information on significant issues concerning state and local government organization and finance. The Research Council believes that the use of this information by policymakers will lead to sound, rational public policy formation in Michigan.</p> <p>The Citizens Research Council of Michigan is noted for the accuracy and objectivity of its research. Over the years, the Research Council has made significant contributions to the ongoing debate over the appropriate role of government and has gained vast experience in virtually every facet of state and local government.</p>

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Overview: <p class="p1">In 2021, the Research Council reestablished the Detroit Bureau to provide public policy research focused on Detroit and to the dissemination of accessible research and analysis to Detroit-based stakeholders who can affect policy change.</p> <p class="p2">In close collaboration with residents and organizational partners based in Detroit, the Communications Director will develop a process and framework by which the Detroit Bureau will determine and publicize its research agenda. The Communications Director will also engage in direct outreach to neighborhood associations, community development organizations, and other community groups to obtain feedback from and disseminate the Detroit Bureau&rsquo;s research directly to Detroit residents.</p> <p class="p2">Additionally, the Communications Director will work to grow general awareness of the Citizens Research Council of Michigan throughout the state. By sharing information about our research and arranging opportunities for the research staff to speak to media and conferences, the goal is to increase the relevance of the organization to increase fundraising opportunities.</p>
Responsibilities: <p class="p1"><strong>The communications specialist will be expected to:</strong></p> <ul> <li class="p2">Develop a process for soliciting ideas for potential Detroit-focused research projects <ul> <li class="p2">Establish communications channels with stakeholders within Detroit</li> <li class="p2">Monitor news and social media networks to develop an awareness of current issues</li> </ul> </li> <li class="p2">Work closely with Research Council leadership and Detroit Bureau research staff to <ul> <li class="p2">Understand the current research agenda</li> <li class="p2">Capacity to engage in new projects</li> </ul> </li> <li class="p2">Develop dissemination methods to inform Detroit policymakers, stakeholders, and citizens about the findings of research projects and opportunities to develop policy</li> </ul> <p class="p3"><strong>Citizens Research Council Responsibilities</strong></p> <ul> <li class="p2">Develop media partnerships throughout the state</li> <li class="p2">Work with Research Council leadership to draft news releases to announce and promote <ul> <li class="p2">Publications, presentations, webinars, and podcasts</li> <li class="p2">Organizational news</li> <li class="p2">Annual Dinner</li> </ul> </li> <li class="p2">Maintain website ( <ul> <li class="p2">Proficiency in WordPress to maintain the look, functionality, and content</li> <li class="p2">Managing presence on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Wikipedia)</li> </ul> </li> <li class="p2">Enhance data visualization</li> <li class="p2">Assist with marketing materials and general fundraising efforts</li> <li class="p2">Develop membership opportunities for young professionals</li> </ul> <strong>Manage Events <br /></strong> <ul> <li>Proactively promote availability of research staff for speaking opportunities</li> <li>Create policy events</li> <li>Produce Webinars using GoToWebinar or another platform</li> <li>Manage and produce Podcasts <ul> <li>Manage subject calendar</li> <li>Interview staff members</li> <li>Assist in production to pull out meaningful clips</li> </ul> </li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>An interest in public policy in Michigan</li> <li>Strong writing skills, media relations, and ability to navigate news cycles</li> <li>Event planning experience</li> <li>Software skills (or willingness to learn) InDesign, PhotoShop, WordPress, Constant Contact, GoToWebinar, and a social media management platform (such as tweet deck or content cal).</li> <li>The ability to contribute to the functioning of the organization will be considered in the hiring process.</li> <li>Experience is an advantage in hiring.</li> <li>Compensation is based on qualifications.</li> </ul> <br />