Refuse Equipment Operator, Residential Parks

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Sarasota, FL

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The City of Sarasota believes in customer service, and delivering city services to its approximately 55,000 residents is a commitment we take seriously. The City provides many services with the most recognizable ones being water, sewer, street maintenance and police protection. The quality and way these services are delivered have a direct impact on everyday life in our community and that is why the employees of the City serve with Excellence and Pride.

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Equipment Operator

$17.11 - $21.38 Hourly

Overview: To provide reliable efficient, and cost effective Solid Waste collection and disposal for the cart customers of the system, and aid in the health, safety, and welfare of the Citizenry.
Responsibilities: <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Operates safely and efficiently a side, or rear loading refuse collection vehicle equipped with hydraulic cart dumpers, including the regular checking of tires, oil, brakes, hydraulic lines, steering and other specified items and correcting or reporting to the supervisor any faults in the equipment.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Follows a regular route schedule on a collection route dumping wheeled refuse carts.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Collects all authorized refuse properly placed at authorized stops along the assigned route.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Collects refuse that does not exceed 40 pounds in weight.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Prevents littering due to spillage or scattering of refuse as a result of the performance of duties and must retrieve all litter caused as a result thereof.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Completes the collection of assigned route before the shift is completed or may be required to return on the off day to complete the collections.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Prohibited from engaging in any scavenging activities.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Transports collected refuse to the disposal point as often as required and accounting for weight tickets for each trip.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Reports any carts requiring service or repair.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Inventories and maintains all special equipment (fire extinguishers, etc.) placed on vehicles and the proper use and operation of the land mobile communications system.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Reports any accidents in which his/her vehicle is involved immediately; and for knowing and heeding all factory-prescribed limits for the equipment in his/her use.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Completes cleaning and fueling of the collection vehicle before it is parked at the end of the shift.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Performs strenuous work in a variety of weather conditions including high heat conditions.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; May standby for and answer emergency calls on an "on call, 24 hour per day" basis.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Responsible at all times for the public impression created by his/her appearance and performance, and that of the vehicle.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; The intent of this class description is to provide a representative&nbsp;summary of the types of duties and responsibilities that would be required of classifications given this title and shall not be construed as a declaration of the specific duties and responsibilities of any particular position. Incumbent may be required to perform job-related tasks other than those specifically presented in this job description.</div>
Requirements: <span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Minimum Qualifications:</strong></span><br /> <ul> <li>Three years of experience operating equipment, one year of which was in the operation of solid waste equipment having a sophisticated hydraulic system; or the equivalent in education, training, and experience, which would provide the necessary knowledge, skills and abilities.</li> <li>Possession of and ability to maintain a valid Class "B" State of Florida Commercial Driver's License (CDL) is required.</li> </ul> <br /><span style="text-decoration: underline;"><strong>Job Based Competencies:<br /></strong></span><br /> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Working knowledge of the operation and maintenance of heavy trucks with hydraulic refuse packing systems.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Ability to operates a large truck and operate it efficiently.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Ability to receive and understand oral and written orders and execute those orders effectively.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Knowledge of the traffic and highway safety rules and regulations and precautions to be taken to avoid accidents.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Ability to work overtime and/or be on call.</div> <div style="padding-left: 30px;">&bull; Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with other employees and the general public.</div>