Part Time Lifeguard

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Sarasota, FL

City of Sarasota

The City of Sarasota believes in customer service, and delivering city services to its approximately 55,000 residents is a commitment we take seriously. The City provides many services with the most recognizable ones being water, sewer, street maintenance and police protection. The quality and way these services are delivered have a direct impact on everyday life in our community and that is why the employees of the City serve with Excellence and Pride.

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Temporary Part-Time

$12.00 Hourly

Overview: </dt> <dd><p>To provide a safe environment at the City's recreational pools, and serves in a safety as well as community oriented capacity. The position is responsible for enforcing all safety rules and regulations. Selected candidate must successfully pass a pre-employment drug screen. </p></dd> <dt><br/><br/>
Responsibilities: </dt> <dd><p>• Observes and supervises the activities in the swimming areas.<br>• Maintains log of daily procedures; oversees maintenance of equipment and inventory of supplies for first aid<br>• Maintains order in the swimming areas.<br>• Cautions swimmers regarding unsafe practices and safety hazards.<br>• Enforces and adheres to pool rules and regulations.<br>• Follows emergency action plan and procedures established in the event of an emergency.<br>• Assists in aquatic programs such as learn to swim classes, water safety classes and special events.<br>• Inspects assigned areas to insure proper warning signs and safety devices are properly posted or in place.<br>• Completes incident reports and daily operational reports.<br>• Other duties as assigned.</p></dd> <dt>
Requirements: <p><strong>Minimum Qualifications</strong>&nbsp;<br /><br />&bull; High school diploma or equivalent and 1 year experience as a lifeguard<br />&bull; Lifeguard certified<br />&bull; First Aid/CPR Certified<br />&bull; Ability to re-qualify for certification each year<br />&bull; Possession of and ability to maintain a valid State of Florida driver's license</p> <strong>Job Based Competencies</strong> <p>&bull; Working knowledge and understanding of pool chemistry and filtration systems.<br />&bull; Knowledge of appropriate ways of dealing with individuals in emergency situations.<br />&bull; Ability to be proactive and recognize emergencies or unsafe conditions and take effective actions prior to incidents occurring.<br />&bull; Ability to respond to the public in a calm, effective manner including exercising tact, firmness and good judgment in enforcing rules and regulations.<br />&bull; Ability to maintain courteous and effective relationships with co-workers and the public.<br />&bull; Ability to perform rigorous physical activity and to work for long periods of time under adverse weather conditions.<br />&bull; Skill in using rescue, first aid and lifesaving techniques and equipment.<br />&bull; Skill in swimming and rescuing endangered persons.<br />&bull; Ability to work independently and in a team environment.<br />&bull; Ability to make accurate observations.<br />&bull; Ability to community effectively verbally and in writing and to prepare concise written reports.</p> <div id="details-questions" class="job-details-questions tab-pane">&nbsp;</div>