Reach Beyond 2022

<p>Our clients are middle-market companies competing in the global marketplace. We have always been about &ldquo;doing more.&rdquo; The &ldquo;&amp;&rdquo; in our company name symbolizes our desire to bring something extra, unexpected and invaluable to the table. It means our clients will always get something more. We don&rsquo;t consider our service approach as going the extra mile. Here, at Clayton &amp; McKervey, it&rsquo;s expected and routine.&nbsp;</p>

Southfield, MI

Clayton & McKervey

<p>Hi! We&rsquo;re Clayton &amp; McKervey, a public accounting firm headquartered in metro Detroit, specializing in international tax, assurance, accounting and consulting services. We&rsquo;re proud of our Michigan roots, but consider the entire world your workplace. Who can you expect to work with at C&amp;M? Your clients will be middle-market companies competing in the global marketplace. You&rsquo;ll be part of a team that thinks and acts like entrepreneurs; speaking the same language your clients do.</p>

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Leadership Program

Overview: <p>Reach Beyond is an invitation to explore a unique public accounting career within a dynamic firm that specializes in international, growth-driven organizations and the entrepreneurs who lead them.<br /><br />This two day event will partake in May or June. Date is TBD.</p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Discover the opportunities presented to each and every team member to see the world differently here. Join us to see how we exceed the expectations of not only our clients, but ourselves.</li> <li>Learn about the world of public accounting.&nbsp;</li> <li>Experience the value that we bring to our clients.&nbsp;</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Declared or intended accounting major&nbsp;</li> <li>Current cumulative and accounting GPA of 3.2 or higher</li> <li>Interest in pursuing opportunities in public accounting</li> <li>Actively involved in extracurricular activities&nbsp;</li> </ul>