Payroll Tax Specialist

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Overview: <p style="margin: 0px;">Under direct supervision of the Director of Accounting, the Payroll Tax Specialist is responsible for providing effective day-to-day management of the payroll tax process (ASO and PEO) for our clients.&nbsp; This includes but is not limited to tax funding, tax reconciliation, review and analysis of tax notices, processing EFT Credits to the banks, W-2/W3 and W-2c/W3c processing, tax return filings, and tax return amendments.</p> <br /><strong>We have comprehensive benefit packages that include health, dental, vision, 401(k), income protection, and extraordinary work-life benefits.</strong>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Submission of timely, accurate tax deposits and reports, and remain in compliance with all employment tax laws</li> <li>Interacts with various federal, state, and local taxing agencies regarding compliance with regulatory guidelines as well as resolving issues</li> <li>Prepares daily federal tax deposit including processing reports, preparing check requests and tax coupons, coding check requests for the general ledger, filing paperwork, and performing electronic payment submissions</li> <li>Prepares state and local income tax deposits for all states with various filing requirements including processing reports, preparing check requests and tax coupons, coding check requests for the general ledger, filing paperwork and ensuring deposits are mailed and submitted electronically in a timely manner</li> <li>Assists with partnership and corporate tax return filings, including multi-state apportionment</li> <li>Ensures accurate payment and general ledger coding of all check or ACH payments for state unemployment taxes and all client accounts in states requiring client level reporting</li> <li>Prepares all returns for state income tax, state unemployment tax, and various local taxes</li> <li>Assists in all year-end processing and reporting, including W-2s and W-2Cs</li> <li>Verifies that tax reports and payments from MasterTax program reconcile with HRP/Prism system</li> <li>File amended returns as needed to correct state income and unemployment taxes</li> <li>Works with the Implementation team with new or terminated clients</li> <li>Researches client FEIN issues and corrections due to erroneous information being given/entered into HRP/Prism</li> </ul>
Requirements: </span></strong></p><ul><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting or Business Administration and 2-4 years of payroll tax or state and local tax experience preferred</li><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Experience in MasterTax, HRP/Prism and/or UltraTax is a plus but not required</li><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Strong analytical skills, organizational skills, and ability to manage multiple priorities</li><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Highly effective verbal and written communication with external clients, internal management, and personnel at all levels</li><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Ability to speak with taxing authorities</li><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Strong attention to detail with a customer service focus</li><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Thorough understanding of current payroll tax laws and regulations, including multi-state experience</li><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Good understanding of current corporate and partnership tax laws and regulations</li><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Be resourceful and results oriented; driven to achieve goals and objectives</li><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Excellent time management skills</li><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Proficient in Microsoft Word, Outlook, Excel and other common business software</li><li style="margin-bottom: 0pt;">Work well under various demanding situations and with multiple departments<strong><span> </span></strong></li></ul><p style="margin-bottom: 0pt;"><strong><span style="color: black;">