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Full Time

Overview: <p>The IT Support Manager is the main point of contact for any technical issues that our employees have. The Manager is responsible for overseeing the handling all incoming tickets and ensures requests are resolved in a timely manner. The Manager supervises an IT Support Specialist who performs timely and effective user support services and ensures the effective performance of IT services. This is a hands-on position that requires handling tickets in a timely manner. The Manager will develop and maintain effective and collaborative business relations and communication with the credit union leaders, employees and vendors.</p>
Responsibilities: <p>Technical Administration:<br />&bull; Support the credit union&rsquo;s local and wide area network to ensure that all services and processes are working efficiently.<br />&bull; Establish configuration and performance standards for the network and associated systems.<br />&bull; Coordinate activities with third-party vendors for firewall maintenance, network security, and network monitoring.<br />&bull; Implement network and systems performance metrics and continuously monitors and measures actual performance against established performance standards.<br />&bull; Create and maintain system and application documentation.<br />&bull; Create and maintain network diagrams.<br />&bull; Ensure that system patches are applied in conjunction with the Patch Management Policy.<br />&bull; Ensure that all modifications and upgrades to systems and networks, including installation or updates to firmware or software, and are in harmony with the Change Management Policy.<br />&bull; Maintain support services/warranties for all new and existing equipment.<br />&bull; Encourage system standardization throughout the credit union.<br />&bull; Provide technical support to other departments, quickly resolving technology problems to minimize disruption to normal operations.<br />&bull; Inform the CIO of any outages or disruptions. Communicates actions related to problem resolution.<br /><br />Ticket System Management:<br />&bull; Creation of new tickets based on employees&rsquo; needs<br />&bull; Ticket triage and prioritization<br />&bull; Troubleshooting and ticket resolution<br />&bull; Ticket escalation<br />&bull; Employee communication<br />&bull; Screen incoming telephone calls and provide customer service<br />&bull; User and Desktop management and administration, end-user troubleshooting and issue resolution<br /><br />User Support:<br />&bull; Grant network rights to users; Manages user network and e-mail accounts.<br />&bull; Assist users in accessing network resources and troubleshoots problems with hardware and software.<br />&bull; Provide training for end-users on software.<br />&bull; Maintain and update IT Security and Change management reports.<br />&bull; Assist IT Department in Disaster Recovery planning and testing.<br /><br />Computers and Peripheral Equipment Maintenance:<br />&bull; Repair or replaces dysfunctional computer parts.<br />&bull; Perform, monitor, and test regular backups according to the documented backup schedule.<br />&bull; Contact vendors &amp; arranges for upgrades, updates, patches, and replacements on software and hardware products.<br />&bull; Perform preventative maintenance on all relevant Information Technology systems.<br />&bull; Maintain current logs of all PC&rsquo;s printers &amp; versions of software installed.<br />&bull; Maintain accurate, up-to-date network, phone, and system procedural documentation.<br /><br />Compliance:<br />&bull; Ensure compliance with Information/Cyber Security policies.<br />&bull; Ensure compliance with Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery plans.<br />&bull; Ensure compliance with all applicable federal regulations, including the Bank Secrecy Act and OFAC.<br />&bull; Notifies CIO upon recognition of potential violation of policies anywhere within the organization.</p>
Requirements: Position Requirements:<br />&bull; CompTIA A+ or Equivalent Experience Required<br />&bull; MCSE (Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert) Preferred<br />&bull; Bachelor&rsquo;s degree required. Work experience in a similar business environment considered in lieu of degree.<br />&bull; At least six years relevant systems administration experience in a 24/7/365 environment.<br />&bull; Experience managing IT department staff.<br />&bull; Credit union experience preferred<br />&bull; Working Knowledge of Windows Desk Top Environments, Microsoft Office, Symantec Endpoint and Ghost<br />&bull; Experience with Virtual (VMWare, Hyper-V) and thin client environments<br />&bull; Experience with Windows server tools, monitoring and maintenance (Active Directory, SQL, SUS, Exchange)<br />&bull; Willingness to expand knowledge through personal reading, study, and research.<br />&bull; Ability to work through adverse situations and make sound business decisions.<br />&bull; Outstanding interpersonal skills and ability to conserve well with internal and external customers<br />&bull; Excellent verbal and written communication skills.<br />&bull; Bachelor&rsquo;s degree required. Work experience in a similar business environment considered in lieu of degree.<br />&bull; At least six years relevant systems administration experience in a 24/7/365 environment.<br />&bull; Experience managing IT department staff.