Support Mentor

Empowering individuals to live a meaningful life. 

Aurora, CO

Continuum of Colorado

<p>Continuum of Colorado is a&nbsp;nonprofit agency providing services to people with a wide range of abilities. At Continuum, we empower individuals to live a meaningful life. We believe it is our responsibility to not only meet the needs of each individual we support but also to partner with our supported-individuals to help them reach milestones, achieve their goals, and make their dreams a reality. Person-centeredness is not just a trend or buzzword to us; it&rsquo;s a philosophy that embodies each Direct Support Professional we hire. Our mission is to be a partner in choice and independence by collaborating with individuals and their families to provide high-quality lifetime supports that will empower them to thrive in their community.</p> <p>Experience thoughtful care and let Continuum of Colorado support you or your loved one.</p>

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$12.71+ / hour

Overview: This position is based on the individual in services&rsquo; needs, shifts and times do vary. In this role, you will get to do many different types of activities depending on the individual in services hobbies and interests (i.e. going to the library, going to the doctor, going shoe shopping, etc.).
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Provide services as outlined in the individual&rsquo;s Service Plan (SP) and Family Caregiver Agreement</li> <li>Implement and document the individual&rsquo;s ISSPs, care plans and/or protocols</li> <li>Maintain confidentiality and assures the individual&rsquo;s rights are protected</li> <li>Notify nurse of medical issues and concerns * Assist with medications (i.e. administration, pill packing, monitoring) as certified, and documents as appropriate</li> <li>Monitor health needs of the individual and assists in obtaining health care as needed</li> <li>Provide medical care in accordance with established protocols, to include First Aid/CPR when needed</li> <li>Document program, incident, medical and financial information as required</li> <li>Write information effectively, appropriately and in correct format</li> <li>Attend and participates in the individual&rsquo;s meetings as needed</li> <li>Follow work hours as outlined in Service Plan and Family Caregiver Agreement</li> <li>Follow Continuum of Colorado budget for the Family Caregiver Program; provides only the services outlined in the individuals SP/Family Caregiver Agreement unless receives prior authorization</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>High school diploma or GED, preferred</li> <li>Ability to pass and maintain certification in all agency required training</li> <li>Ability to operate a wheelchair (if applicable) appropriately and assist with non-ambulatory individuals (if applicable) including transfers</li> <li>Ability to read, write and converse in the language of the individual served and performs simple math calculations for purposes of carrying out job assignments</li> <li>Ability to consistently lift up to 50 pounds</li> <li>Personal vehicle in good operating condition for use during work</li> <li>Valid Colorado driver&rsquo;s license/proof of insurance</li> <li>Meet our agency driving requirements; no suspensions/less than three tickets in three years</li> </ul>