Manager - Engineering

The future is bright at DTE Energy! We are one of the largest Fortune 500 diversified utilities in the United States with an aspiration to be the best-operated energy company in North America and a force for good in the communities we live and serve. We have businesses in 26 different states and are comprised of regulated utility and non-utility businesses. Our utility business provides electric and gas service to approximately 3 million customers.

Detroit, MI

DTE Energy

<p><strong>DTE Energy is a Detroit-based, diversified energy company involved in the development and management of energy-related businesses and services nationwide. Built on a strong utility base, DTE Energy's largest operating subsidiaries are DTE Electric and DTE Gas. Together, these regulated utility companies provide electric and/or gas services to more than three million residential, business and industrial customers throughout Michigan. DTE Energy has more than 10,400 employees in utility and non-utility subsidiaries involved in a wide range of energy-related businesses nationwide. The company's growing non-utility businesses are built around the strengths, skills and assets of DTE Energy's electric and gas utilities.</strong></p>

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Overview: Responsible for engineering work in fossil generation power plants or electrical transmission, construction and/or maintenance environments. Plans, designs, and estimates time and cost, and oversees construction, maintenance and/or operations of structures, facilities, systems and components in a power plant, power generation or transmission environment. Analyzes and develops solutions to technical problems relating to power generation and distribution systems and components, or the causes of component failures by applying engineering and scientific principles. Develops and applies engineering standards and procedures, and provides advice in issues within the engineering field. Applies continuous improvement (CI) principles to affect substantive and ongoing improvements in business unit (BU) activities and articulates a vision sufficient to elicit broad employee engagement. Span of control: can range to &gt;20 jobs &amp; &gt;100 FTEs (direct, second-level, etc.)
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>May manage one or more of the following areas/functions: Equipment Performance &amp; Predictive Maintenance (EPPM); relay engineering; rotating performance /DR; Power Equipment &amp; Electrical Test (PERT); Performance Services &amp; engineering electrical laboratories (high power, rotating, power equipment, relay; Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA); Cable / DGA / Di-electric Oil &amp; Paper.</li> <li>Generate annual health assessments for all major classes of equipment (Fossil Generation generators and switchgear, Substations, Overhead (OH), and Underground (UG))</li> <li>Drive the Asset Management strategies for all electric equipment</li> <li>Develop annual maintenance policies and annual preventive maintenance plans for DTE Electric</li> <li>Serve as the primary contact/ liaison between Distribution Operations and Fossil and Nuclear Generation for all equipment related issues and recovery from unplanned events</li> <li>Manage partnership with major equipment vendors, including tracking quality metrics, and drive the selection and evaluation of new equipment</li> <li>Act as expert witness on litigation related to electrical equipment</li> <li>Lead Distribution Operations representative to EPRI</li> <li>Major contribution to DTE&rsquo;s 5-year infrastructure Investment and maintenance plan</li> <li>Performs or guides &amp; ensures the accomplishment of the following core management functions for a given BU: planning, organizing, directing, staffing / employee selection &amp; performance management, coordinating, reporting &amp; budgeting.</li> <li>Manages a BU consistent with established equipment reliability standards, cost effective and performance standards &amp; criteria.</li> <li>Establishes and manages goals and measures consistent with Corporate and broader organizational objectives and expectations. Implements corrective strategies and tactics as necessary.</li> <li>Collects information on and recommends BU-relevant best practices; incorporates such practices &amp; procedures into the BU's operations. Monitors outcomes on an ongoing basis, analyzing &amp; correcting performance gaps, ensuring the application of BU-appropriate continuous improvement (CI) practices intended to affect constant improvement in BU outcomes.</li> <li>Responds to BU (fossil generation or electrical system) outages, power interruptions, or other non-standard incidents as required.</li> <li>Maintains acceptable engineering standards for power, plant, protection and equipment to ensure a safe and reliable electrical system and/or fossil generation operations. Provides subject matter expertise (SME) with regard to power and protection in the electrical system and/or fossil genera-tion operations.</li> <li>Manages external contracts for services with other utilities, the Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI), and other external parties/customers.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p>Minimum Education &amp; Experience Requirements</p> <ul> <li>Bachelor's degree in a Business Unit-relevant Engineering discipline and the knowledge / capabilities typically acquired through 10-plus years of job-relevant experience, inclusive of power generation, gas, nuclear or other applicable background.</li> </ul> <p>Other Qualifications</p> <p><strong>Preferred</strong></p> <ul> <li>Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering</li> <li>Masters&rsquo; degree in Engineering, Business or a related discipline</li> <li>10 years of extensive background in Distribution System electrical equipment performance, including relay and SCADA control schemes, as well as knowledge of power plant electrical equipment</li> <li>3 year of supervisory experience</li> <li>Knowledge of safety policies, programs and procedures</li> <li>Professional Engineer (P.E.) certification</li> </ul> <p><strong>Other Requirements</strong></p> <ul> <li>Round-the-clock availability (subject to scheduling arrangements) may be necessary to respond to emergencies and technical problems.</li> <li>May require initial and/or periodic drug or fitness for duty testing, and the ability to climb stairs &amp; function in confined areas (i.e. power plants).</li> <li>Detailed knowledge of major power generation &amp; transmission equipment, process &amp; protection schemes, and application for fossil generation, transmission &amp; distribution; engineering laboratory assets &amp; functions, American national Standards Institute (ANSI) / International Electronics and Electrical Engineering (IEEE) power equipment-related standards related to.</li> <li>Proficient verbal, written and presentation skills; communicates clearly, with credibility and confidence.</li> <li>Intermediate-to-advanced analytical and project management skills.</li> <li>Analytical &amp; problem-solving skills consistent with the ability to identify key issues from a broad range of alternatives, and recommend optimal solutions for various situations.</li> <li>Develops challenging short- and long-term group plans &amp; objectives aligned with those of the Division &amp; Corporation; solicits staff input in the developmental process.</li> <li>Extensive understanding of power generation, transmission, distribution and regional power dis-patch issues.</li> <li>Ability to conduct effective &amp; efficient meetings; manages meetings with optimal results.</li> <li>Initiates new ideas and approaches; challenges prevailing practices &amp; approaches with reasonably sound alternatives.</li> <li>Thorough CI orientation and the ability to plan, organize, and manage with a Total Customer Satisfaction (TQS) focus.</li> <li>Well-developed organization and planning skills, typically acquired through at least 5 years of lead-worker, project management, or supervisory or experience.</li> <li>Ability to apply &amp; implement CI principles, typically acquired through several years of experience, to affect tangible, positive outcomes.</li> <li>Competent in multi-tasking (i.e. the ability to prioritize &amp; manage multiple tasks, issues or projects that may include high-visibility initiatives and require innovation, teamwork &amp; planning).</li> <li>Provides leadership through example in a unionized environment, consistent with prevailing collective bargaining agreements (typically based on experience in a unionized environment).</li> <li>Promotes an atmosphere conducive to the open exchange of new ideas, and alternatives to orthodox approaches.</li> <li>Motivates through leading by example, coaching/mentoring and providing ongoing constructive feedback to subordinate staff; competent in systematically eliciting the best efforts &amp; results from subordinate staff.</li> <li>Deals effectively with resistance; takes positive steps to avoid the recurrence of errors through constructive critique.</li> </ul>