Middle School ELA Teacher

<strong>Detroit Achievement Academy exists to holistically support the education and development of students who have the determination, drive, and skills to shape their own path of high achievement with the ultimate goal of creating civically engaged, joyful citizens who are ready to change the world.</strong>

Detroit, MI

Detroit Achievement Academy

<h2>Detroit Achievement Academy is a free public charter school currently serving kindergarten through&nbsp;eighth&nbsp;grade students.&nbsp;</h2> <p>We at Detroit Achievement Academy want to shake things up a bit. We have a grand vision for what education can look like and are excited to be creating it in the great city of Detroit. We are using the best educational model in the country, Expeditionary Learning,&nbsp;and are committed to our students, their families, and to our neighborhood. We believe that all students can achieve at high levels and that it is our responsibility to support them in an intense and holistic way. We are thrilled to be able to provide a world-class education in a world-class city.</p> <p>Detroit Achievement Academy is proudly located in northwest Detroit.&nbsp;We currently serve 225 students and will slowly grow in size each year.</p> https://www.detroitachievement.org/

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Full Time

Overview: <strong>GUIDING PRINCIPLES AND MINDSETS:<br /></strong><br />● Our work is active.​ We learn by doing and getting our hands dirty. Students are scientists, urban planners, historians, and activists, investigating real community problems and collaborating with peers to develop creative, actionable solutions. Adults are active guides of student learning and active members of their professional learning community.<br />● Our work is inclusive and equitable.​ Students and adults celebrate the diverse backgrounds of their peers. School leaders work to recruit and attract a population of families and faculty that represents different socio-economic, racial, and ethnic backgrounds.<br />● Our work is excellent.​ Students at all levels are pushed and supported to do more than they think they can. Excellence is expected in the quality of their work and thinking. School leaders, teachers, students, and families share rigorous expectations for quality work, achievement, and behavior.<br />● Our work is reflective.​ Students and adults reflect as they triumph and as they stumble. Students and adults offer direct and sensitive feedback to their peers. Trust, respect, responsibility, and joy in learning permeate the school culture.
Responsibilities: <strong>POSITION GOALS:​ ​MIDDLE SCHOOL ELA TEACHER (Grades 7-8)<br /><br /></strong>We measure student and adult crew success along three dimensions of achievement: culture &amp; character development, mastery of knowledge and skills, and high-quality work. Our schools value, encourage, and require a constant cycle of inquiry toward this success with the following overarching goals for all teachers:<br /><br />●<strong> Culture &amp; Character:</strong> ​Teachers create and nurture a positive, inclusive, and responsive learning environment.<br />● <strong>Mastery of Knowledge and Skills:</strong> ​Teachers engage students in rigorous, inspiring content that aligns with appropriate national and state standards for excellence.<br />● <strong>High-Quality Work:​</strong> Teachers inspire a love of learning and passion for exploring that leads to high-quality work through intentional expeditions, units, and lessons.<br />● <strong>Cycle of Inquiry:​</strong> Teachers constantly gather, analyze, and act on qualitative and quantitative data to plan units and lessons that drive toward the three dimensions of student achievement and build student ownership of learning.<br /><br /><br /><strong>In addition to the goals for all teachers, the Middle School ELA Lead Teacher would also have the following responsibilities:</strong><br /><br />● Curriculum Modification: ​We are a growing school constantly working to improve and respond to students&rsquo; needs. The ELA Lead Teacher will collaborate with school leadership to determine necessary modifications to the EL Education curriculum to ensure it meets the needs of all students.<br />● Collaboration​: Our work is collaborative, with collaborative teacher teams serving as a model for students. We believe strongly in the integration of all core content areas to make learning complex and authentic across subject areas. The ELA Lead Teacher will be expected to collaborate with the middle school team to create opportunities for students to connect their work in ELA across content areas.<br />● Instruction​: The ELA Lead Teacher will plan for and teach middle school English Language Arts.
Requirements: <ul> <li>Belief in the potential of all students to achieve at high levels across three dimensions and become leaders of their own learning</li> <li>Commitment to and desire for continuously improving personal practice and school culture through rigorous coaching and professional development</li> <li>Proven ability to contribute to and collaborate with a high-performing team toward high, equitable achievement for all students</li> <li>Outstanding emotional intelligence, communication, and interpersonal skills</li> <li>Strong technical and organizational skills</li> <li>Bachelor&rsquo;s degree, Master&rsquo;s Degree (preferred)</li> </ul> <br /><strong>To apply, please share your resume and an introductory letter or video responding to the following questions<br /></strong><br />1. Why are you interested in Detroit Achievement Academy? What makes you a great candidate to join the crew?<br />2. What is your educational philosophy? How does this align with the EL Education Design Principles and how is it different?<br />3. Describe your current process for unit and long term planning.<br />4. Describe your current process for analyzing student data.<br />5. Describe your approach to building and maintaining classroom culture, including creating a<br />sense of belonging, setting up routines, and lesson delivery to engage students.<br />6. What else should we know about you?<br /><br /><br />Detroit Achievement Academy is dedicated to equal employment opportunities and fair labor practices. Detroit Achievement Academy provides equal employment opportunities to all individuals based on job-related qualifications, and the ability to perform a job without regard to gender, age, race, color, religion, national origin, sexual orientation, veteran status, marital status, or disability. It is our policy to maintain a non-discriminatory environment free from intimidation, harassment or bias based upon these grounds.