School Social Worker

<p><strong>Detroit Achievement Academy exists to holistically support the education and development of students who have the determination, drive, and skills to shape their own path of high achievement with the ultimate goal of creating civically engaged, joyful citizens who are ready to change the world.</strong></p>

Detroit, MI

Detroit Achievement Academy

<h2>Detroit Achievement Academy is a free public charter school currently serving kindergarten through sixth grade students.&nbsp;</h2> <p>We at Detroit Achievement Academy want to shake things up a bit. We have a grand vision for what education can look like and are excited to be creating it in the great city of Detroit. We are using the best educational model in the country, Expeditionary Learning,&nbsp;and are committed to our students, their families, and to our neighborhood. We believe that all students can achieve at high levels and that it is our responsibility to support them in an intense and holistic way. We are thrilled to be able to provide a world-class education in a world-class city.</p> <p>Detroit Achievement Academy is proudly located in northwest Detroit. We serve 140 students and will add one grade level each year.&nbsp;</p>

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Overview: The School Social Worker at Detroit Achievement Academy is responsible for the social and emotional education of each student assigned to his or her caseload, and is responsible for working with students, parents, other teachers and staff, and the Principal &amp; Head of School toward achieving the mission and goals of Detroit Achievement Academy to maximize the time that students are learning and growing. The School Social Worker is responsible for ensuring all students with social and emotional needs receive a high quality education aligned with his/her personal goals both inside the general education classroom and through individualized instruction. The School Social Worker reports to the Principal &amp; Head of School.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Commit to a vision of child-centered, inquiry-based education that develops children in three areas of student achievement: mastery of knowledge and skills, development of positive habits of character, and the ability to produce high-quality work</li> <li>Have a strong understanding of the factors involved in overrepresentation of certain populations in Special Education and Social Work, and actively work to ensure fair, unbiased, and data-based referral, assessment, and identification practices</li> <li>Collaborate with Principal, Head of School, and behavior and academic interventionists to ensure that RTI systems and Special Education systems are in service of all students</li> <li>Develop a school social work plan based on a school and community data analysis that highlights the social, emotional, behavioral, and mental health needs of the students within the jurisdiction of the school social worker</li> <li>Develop and deliver specialized instruction inside and outside the classroom during academic periods designed to help students meet grade-level standards and achieve personal learning goals</li> <li>Coordinate service times with all contractual Special Education employees, such as Speech and Occupational Therapists, and behavior and academic interventionists</li> <li>Coordinate IEP assessments with all contractual Special Education employees, such as Psychologists</li> <li>Develop IEPs for special education students that are in compliance with policies</li> <li>Ensure the records for each identified student are up to date and well-organized, and contain necessary progress notes and assessments</li> <li>Create a clear, up-to-date IEP and 504 at-a-glance sheet for each student on caseload (in collaboration with the Special Education Teacher when appropriate) to provide for lead teachers and support work toward IEP goals and implementation of accommodations and modifications in the general education setting</li> <li>Meet and plan at least bi-weekly with teachers who have students with IEPs and 504 plans for behavior in their crews to ensure consistency of program and curriculum implementation with accommodations and modifications</li> <li>Be open to visits from other teachers, administrators, family members, prospective families and visitors to the school in ways that are not disruptive to student learning. Involve students in welcoming visitors and communicating about the program.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Master&rsquo;s Degree in Social Work (required)</li> <li>Social Work License (LLMSW or LMSW)</li> <li>State of Michigan Approval (full or temporary) in School Social Work (required)</li> <li>Clinical experience (preferred)</li> <li>Experience in an EL school or project based environment (preferred)</li> </ul>