Community Engagement Manager (North Michigan)

Play a vital role in connecting Emerge with schools, businesses, non-profits, and more. Your mission: maintain relationships, promote Emerge's brand, and pioneer new initiatives. If you're a networking pro, a communication expert, and thrive on new challenges, apply now. Let's Emerge into success together!

North Michigan


<h3><strong>At Emerge, we partner with businesses to develop long term workforce strategies by helping them attract, develop and retain talent.</strong></h3>

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Overview: <p>The Community Engagement Manager will be the liaison between Emerge and all Emerge partners. This includes maintaining relationships among schools, businesses, non-profits, associations and political entities. They are also responsible for engaging the community, promoting&nbsp;Emerge's brand and programs&nbsp;to potential new partners and&nbsp;discovering new opportunities for the firm.&nbsp;</p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Maintain relationships with schools, businesses, non-profits, associations, and local governments</li> <li>Promote and educate&nbsp;partners on the Emerge brand &amp; programs</li> <li>Support Emerge initiatives through account management, recruitment and customer service</li> <li>Explore new Emerge opportunities and bring them to the firm</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Experience launching or executing community initiatives</li> <li>High level of customer service, networking and interpersonal skills</li> <li>Exceptional written and oral communication skills</li> <li>Attention to detail, time management and follow through</li> <li>Highly motivated self-starter</li> <li>Valid driver&rsquo;s license</li> </ul>