Operations Strategy Analyst (Remote)

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Full Time

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Overview: Responsible for partnering with the department head and assisting with the strategic, operational, and administrative functions of the department. This role serves as a trusted counsel to the department head requiring a combination of focus and flexibility, as well as a willingness to play an active, behind-the-scenes role. This role will support various projects and initiatives from ideation through development, approval, and execution. Exercises discretion and judgment in the acquisition of information and dissemination of the same. This role will serve as a strategic and facilitative partner with the business unit in which they support. This role works closely with the executive team to develop annual and long-term plans and transition ideas to implementation.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Work with leaders to develop innovation capabilities and resources to source ideas and move solutions to implementation.</li> <li>Connect with key resources to develop ideas, best practices, and ensure diversity of thought in development of innovative solutions.&nbsp;</li> <li>Drive accountability and authentic commitment to an inclusive environment in support of objectives.</li> <li>Conceptualize and develop potential new ideas/opportunities for improvements by proactively assessing the impact of emerging industry, economic &amp; competitive trends.&nbsp;</li> <li>Work closely with the department head to define and establish strategic objectives and goals</li> <li>Coordinate/orchestrate strategic projects or commitments within the department.</li> <li>Independent execution of special department head-initiated projects.</li> <li>Proactive identification of issues that could impact the successful execution of initiatives.</li> <li>Establish service delivery and performance measures.</li> <li>Prepare and review performance reporting metrics.&nbsp;</li> <li>Coordinate and develop department business unit reviews.&nbsp;</li> <li>Support definition, development, and deployment of a client engagement strategy.</li> <li>Support definition development and deployment of a cross-functional engagement model with EM business units.</li> <li>Support the effectiveness and organization of the department,&nbsp;</li> <li>Facilitate completion of annual and long-term plans.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <p><strong>EDUCATION OR EQUIVALENT EXPERIENCE:&nbsp;<br /></strong>Bachelor&rsquo;s degree in business, communications, finance, or related field required.</p> <p><strong>EXPERIENCE:</strong><br />Zero (0) to two (2) years multi-faceted experience in the insurance industry, or relevant business experience which provides the necessary skills, knowledge, and abilities. &nbsp;</p> <p><strong>SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES (SKA) REQUIRED:&nbsp;</strong></p> <ul> <li>Demonstrated ability to work under minimal supervision in the research, planning, development, and implementation of corporate projects.</li> <li>Ability to appropriately manage resources, issues, and risks for the successful completion of projects.</li> <li>Self-motivated with strong analytical skills.</li> <li>Ability to anticipate the issues and opportunities affecting the company.</li> <li>Ability to manage multiple priorities, establish workflows and meet necessary deadlines.</li> <li>Ability to effectively exchange information clearly and concisely, present ideas, report facts, and other information, respond to questions, and employ active listening techniques. &nbsp; &nbsp;</li> <li>Ability to apply the principles of independent logical, analytical thinking to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.</li> <li>Ability to comprehend the consequences of various problem situations and determine resolution or referral for appropriate decision-making.</li> <li>Ability to establish rapport and maintain effective working relationships with both internal and external customers.</li> <li>Ability to interact with others to build consensus and get decisions implemented.</li> <li>Ability to work with and empower others on a collaborative basis to ensure the success of the unit team.</li> <li>Ability to effectively present budgetary and/or cost information and respond to questions as appropriate.</li> <li>Strong organizational and creative abilities.</li> <li>Excellent project and time management skills.</li> <li>Ability to manage and prioritize multiple tasks.</li> <li>Ability and proficiency in the use of computers and company standard software specific to position.</li> </ul>