Learning and Organizational Development Specialist

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Overview: <br />The Learning and Organizational Development (OD) Specialist and Sr.<strong>&nbsp;</strong>is responsible for cultivating, assessing, and executing programs and initiatives that support top talent and employee and leader growth. This role is responsible for the development and delivery of learning solutions that build a high-performance culture and enhance organization effectiveness. Improves learning programs that reinforce our continuous learning culture, commitment to the development of innovative education, and support future talent needs. The incumbent plays a critical role in shaping and executing organizational development, culture, performance, staff development, engagement, and alignment initiatives which includes the facilitation of the change management process. &nbsp; <p><strong>WORKING CONDITIONS:</strong></p> <p>Work is performed in an office setting with no unusual hazards. Some travel may be required.</p>
Responsibilities: <br /> <ul> <li>Creates, designs, implements, and evaluates learning and development programs that drive employee engagement, advancement, retention, and overall business results.</li> <li>Collaborates with internal stakeholders and external partners to provide and evaluate professional developmental experiences, services, and organizational needs in support of delivering quality, relevant, and innovative programs, and services.</li> <li>Measures program success through metrics such as retention, job performance, and career progression.</li> <li>Applies change management principles to execute change plans and lead change activities.</li> <li>Designs internal scalable solutions that include a blended approach to learning such as coaching, workshops, on-the-job training, and e-learning.</li> <li>Analyzes data at the enterprise level and develops executive level presentations based on organizational analyses (e.g., attrition, exit survey, talent assessment, engagement, etc.) and makes recommendations based on findings.</li> <li>Develops, facilitates, supports, and implements programs in support of talent needs in the areas of staff orientation, compliance, leadership development, leader deployment, industry knowledge, business acumen, brand understanding, and skill development.</li> <li>Evaluates, recommends changes, and modifies existing techniques, tools, programs, and processes to meet the changing priorities and improve human and business performance.</li> <li>Creates and supports robust communication plans and presents plans to senior leaders.</li> <li>Identifies and coordinates vendors, learning/development partners, and industry experts to accelerate talent development and performance outcomes.</li> <li>Leads the intake, design, execution, and findings dissemination of the &ldquo;Team Alignment&rdquo; program which focuses on the characterization and assessment of teams and leaders.</li> <li>Works in partnership with internal human resource stakeholders and the business as it relates to instructional design, staff training, leadership development, and employee skill refinement.</li> <li>Maintains program materials and content (e-Learning content, presentation decks, course outlines, job aids, handouts, etc.).</li> <li>Assists with the development and administration of new employee and new manager orientation.</li> <li>Serves as the point of contact for questions from program participants regarding programs.</li> <li>Other duties as assigned by supervisor.</li> </ul> <p><strong><u><br />Senior Learning and Organizational Development Specialist:</u></strong></p> <ul> <li>Leads the coordination of HR leaders to understand the talent needs across the organization, align priorities, approaches, processes, and tools.</li> <li>Consults and collaborates with brand and functional leaders to gain knowledge of customer performance issues to assess and prioritize those needs and, where appropriate, work on development solutions.</li> <li>Establishes and supports the approach for leveraging talent assessment for the organization including the talent review, succession planning, and individual development planning processes.</li> <li>Develops or enhances new programs, theories, models, and practices related to leveraging leadership capability to maximize individual, team, and organizational performance.</li> <li>Assesses corporate workforce development needs to drive training and learning initiatives.</li> <li>Builds content for and implements customized, and innovative adult learning programs that drive short-term and long-term change.</li> <li>Measures and evaluates training outcomes and effectiveness using various evaluation methods.</li> <li>Analyzes, interprets, and presents program impact results to identify opportunities for improvement.</li> <li>Recommends and researches best practices and emerging trends in employee education and training.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <br /> <p><strong>EDUCATION:</strong>&nbsp;&nbsp;</p> <p><u>Learning and Organizational Development Specialist and Senior:</u></p> <ul> <li>Bachelor&rsquo;s degree in human resources, psychology, education, industrial-organizational psychology, organizational behavior management, organizational development, instructional design, or adult education required.</li> <li>Master&rsquo;s degree or an equivalent combination of education and experience is required.</li> </ul> <p><strong><br />EXPERIENCE:</strong>&nbsp;</p> <p><u>Learning and Organizational Development Specialist:</u></p> <ul> <li>Five to seven years of experience in organizational development (OD), organizational effectiveness, instructional design, learning, education, training, leading change management, and designing and developing leadership programs required.</li> <li>Previous organizational development or change management experience required.</li> </ul> <p><u><br />Senior&nbsp;</u><u>Learning and Organizational Development Specialist:</u></p> <ul> <li>Seven to ten years of experience in organizational development (OD), organizational effectiveness developing and delivering internal programs; conducting needs assessments, leading change management, and designing and developing leadership programs required.</li> <li>Previous organizational development, change management, leadership development, or talent development program evaluation experience required.</li> </ul> <p><strong><br /><br />SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES (SKA) REQUIRED:</strong></p> <p><u>Learning and Organizational Development Specialist:</u></p> <ul> <li>Knowledge of Organizational Development theories, methods, and processes including change management, organizational behavior, performance management, and leader development.</li> <li>Knowledge of continuing education, leadership development, and talent development strategies and programs.</li> <li>Some knowledge of learning assessment and program evaluation tools and methodologies.</li> <li>Proficiency in MS PowerPoint, Teams, Word, and Excel.</li> <li>Excellent communication and presentation skills including both oral and written communication.</li> <li>Ability to consult with leaders, including identifying needs, developing action plans, identifying deliverables, and presenting results.</li> <li>Ability to identify different learning styles and to select optimal delivery methods to achieve desired outcomes.</li> <li>Ability to conduct needs assessments and job task analysis.</li> <li>Ability to analyze comprehend employee survey data and assist in developing solution-based agendas.</li> </ul> <p><u>Senior&nbsp;</u><u>Learning and Organizational Development Specialist:</u></p> <ul> <li>Knowledge of the application of adult learning principles.</li> <li>Knowledge of learning organization/culture principles and strategies.</li> <li>Knowledge of learning assessment and program evaluation tools and methodologies.</li> <li>Superior skills in the use of technology applications that develop, manage, and support training/e-learning.</li> <li>Ability to synthesize large data sets into executive summaries to create a compelling case for change.</li> <li>Ability to adapt adult learning and development theories and best practices into practical, results-based solutions that align with business priorities and measurable value to the business.</li> <li>Ability to integrate resources, policies, and information for the determination of procedures, solutions, and other outcomes.</li> </ul>