Director, Strategy & Planning

<strong>At Emergent Holdings, we&rsquo;re creating an innovative environment where our employees belong authentically, contribute meaningfully, and thrive intentionally &mdash; both personally and professionally.</strong>

Southfield, USA

Emergent Holdings

<p class="p1"><strong>Emergent Holdings is driven by a singular goal &mdash; improving the health and safety of our customers and our communities. How do we do that? We create innovative insurance products, technology solutions, and services to support our key stakeholders &mdash; individuals, employers, providers, and strategic partners &mdash; improving the health and safety of the people and places we serve.</strong></p>

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Competitive Compensation and Benefits Package

Overview: <br /> <p>This position is responsible for directing the central coordination and facilitation of corporate strategy development and planning for Emergent Holdings. The position requires an understanding of multiple perspectives of health care corporate business, operational issues and their impact on the division and broader enterprise. Provides strategic leadership in the development, implementation, and execution of business processes and projects via established processes and technologies. Recommends and implements plans and projects to ensure the success of the enterprise. Responsible to plan and work with enterprise executive staff in the development of annual and long-term corporate objectives as well as plans for their achievement and identify and facilitate new business opportunity research processes. Primary focus is on Medicare Advantage insurance, as well as related, B2B service and technology offerings. There will be opportunities to explore adjacent markets, including but not limited to opportunities in the property-casualty space and other government-sponsored health care programs. Reports to Vice President, Strategy, Product Development and Communications for Emergent Holdings.</p> <p>Successful candidate will be charged with leading the strategy and planning function for Emergent Holdings and its business units. They will be expected to develop rapport and day-to-day procedures that are aligned with BCBSM Corporate Strategy and Planning as well as business unit contacts.<br /><br /><strong><br />WORKING CONDITIONS</strong></p> <p>Work is performed in an office setting with no unusual hazards. Travel is required.</p>
Responsibilities: <br /> <ul> <li>Direct, manage, plan and facilitate enterprise executive staff long-term and annual strategic planning process and priorities. Develop related presentation materials and communication plans.</li> <li>Direct the Emerging Markets-wide strategic planning cycles, initiatives and projects to ensure business goals and performance targets are optimized.</li> <li>Direct strategic projects involving prioritization, leadership and execution.</li> <li>Serve as an internal consultant or strategic evaluator of business initiatives and business solutions, such as new product or market entry; strategic partnerships; joint ventures; or acquisitions</li> <li>Create vision that links project concepts to feasible solutions to meet corporate objectives.</li> <li>Lead, make significant contributions, and/or provide leadership to high visibility projects and committees to identify and resolve issues of strategic importance to the organization.&nbsp;</li> <li>Interact regularly with enterprise-wide senior management, vice-presidents, directors and managers.</li> <li>Act as liaison between various levels of personnel to improve communications and implement strategic plans. Facilitate dialogue amongst these groups.</li> <li>On behalf of Emerging Markets division, act as lead for the creation and refresh of long and near-term performance metrics, goals and targets.</li> <li>Oversee and direct the development of performance scorecards, metrics and dashboards.</li> <li>Direct strategic plan messaging and presentations to Board of Directors, including meeting content, decks and talking points.</li> <li>Liaison with BCBSM Corporate Strategy and business unit Strategy and Planning on matters related to strategic planning, as needed.</li> <li>Analyze data to determine the key business issues and develop appropriate action plans from multidisciplinary perspectives.</li> <li>Consult with executive sponsors and project leads on the status of initiatives in progress.</li> <li>Participate in the review and reassessment of initiative assumptions and completion dates, help refine the initiatives or objectives if necessary and support the development of new initiatives that were not anticipated in the original plan.</li> <li>Participate in cross-departmental resource estimates, allocations and prioritization.</li> <li>Communicate to executive staff and management on strategic plan progress and/or modifications.</li> <li>Works with minimum supervision and exercises sufficient discretion and independent judgment.</li> <li>Provide vision, leadership, planning, project coordination and management for the development of a cost-effective department while concurrently facilitating efficient operations to meet current and future business needs within the organization.</li> <li>Represent company in community and industry, programs and conferences.</li> <li>Upon request, function as the department head in the absence of the Vice President.</li> <li>Responsible for the departmental budget, monitor budget and identify budget discrepancies. Research cause and make recommendations.</li> <li>Responsibility for balancing workload to optimize the effectiveness of the department.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>DIRECTION EXERCISED:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Directly supervises exempt and non-exempt staff in accordance with company policies and applicable Federal and State Laws.&nbsp;</li> <li>Responsibilities include but are not limited to effectively interviewing, hiring and training employees; planning, assigning and directing work; appraising performance; rewarding and counseling employees; addressing complaints and resolving problems; supporting and encouraging the engagement process.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <br /> <p><strong>EDUCATION:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Bachelor&rsquo;s degree in business, marketing, accounting or related field required.&nbsp;</li> <li>Master&rsquo;s degree strongly preferred.&nbsp;</li> <li>Continuous learning is required.&nbsp;</li> <li>Certification or progress toward certification is highly preferred and encouraged.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>EXPERIENCE:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Minimum ten years of progressively more responsible experience in strategy development and corporate planning with demonstrated technical knowledge that provides the necessary skills, knowledge and abilities.&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>Three to five years of consulting experience with a top strategy firm and/or five to eight years in a corporate strategy role, including experience in a leadership role.&nbsp;</li> <li>Five years of leadership experience required.&nbsp;</li> <li>Expert-level experience with statistics and data analysis required.&nbsp;&nbsp;</li> <li>Four years of proven ability to interact with all levels of management.</li> <li>Experience developing and leading new market, product or cost of care strategies for a large health payor. &nbsp;</li> <li>Prior health care or government business industry desired.</li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES (SKA) REQUIRED:</strong></p> <ul> <li>Ability to organize, analyze and interpret financial and management data and identify potential issues and/or opportunities, and conduct and interpret quantitative/qualitative analysis. Proven ability to move innovations from idea to implementation through established methodologies.</li> <li>Strong conceptual understanding of strategic planning processes including development of goals and initiatives and work plan development.</li> <li>Prior experience leading an engagement team and/or peers through analysis and deliverables processes.</li> <li>Executive level presentation development skills, including storyboarding, development and delivery of key messages and concepts.</li> <li>Ability to thrive in a start-up environment, including the ability to develop new processes, balance competing priorities and function at a fast pace.</li> <li>Excellent oral and written communication skills.</li> <li>Demonstrated ability to work with (and understand the rank of) enterprise executives, senior management and external contacts.</li> <li>Ability to manage multiple priorities, establish workflows and meet necessary deadlines.</li> <li>Ability to apply the principles of independent logical, analytical thinking to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions.</li> <li>Ability to comprehend the consequences of various problem situations and address them or refer them for appropriate decision-making.</li> <li>Considerable knowledge of the insurance industry and competitive environment.</li> <li>Prior experience developing and implementing scorecard tools and related measurements.</li> <li>Ability to interact with others to build consensus and get decisions implemented.</li> <li>Ability and proficiency in the use of computers and company standard software specific to the position, including spreadsheets and the Internet.</li> <li>Ability to maintain confidentiality.&nbsp;</li> <li>Ability to perform other assignments at locations outside the office.</li> <li>Ability to process and analyze data and identify potential issues and/or opportunities.</li> <li>Demonstrated ability to determine the key business issues and develop appropriate action plans from multidisciplinary perspectives.</li> <li>Proven leadership skills in project management, planning and meeting facilitation.</li> <li>Must exhibit efficiency, collaboration, openness, diplomacy, tact, discretion and judgment.</li> <li>Excellent organizational skills.</li> <li>Must demonstrate leadership ability and team-building skills to effectively supervise professional and non-professional staff and interact with all levels of management.</li> <li>Ability to work with and empower others on a collaborative basis to ensure success of unit team.</li> <li>Ability to effectively exchange information, in verbal or written form, by sharing ideas, reporting facts and other information, responding to questions and employing active listening techniques.</li> <li>Ability to effectively present budgetary and/or cost information and respond to questions as appropriate.</li> <li>Ability to establish workflows, manages multiple projects, and meets necessary deadlines.</li> </ul>