Sr Email Developer

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Detroit, USA

Emergent Holdings

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Overview: <br />Delivery lead on journey campaigns. Provide strategic input and decision making into all Salesforce engagement projects for Member, Customer, Agent and Provider business units.
Responsibilities: <br /> <ul> <li>Act as voice of email team with benchmarks and best-in-class solutions.</li> <li>Provide guidance and training to the other email developers.</li> <li>Interact with other team members as well as campaign teams to build and execute emails and email journeys appropriately.</li> <li>Ensure all emails are tracked, approved, and saved in accordance with email audit.</li> <li>Brainstorm and draft journeys for SME reviews, build the journey within the Salesforce tool, build/create, and embed assets, test, and launch the campaign to ensure a successful project launch.</li> <li>Oversee email box and assign work to appropriate team members and ensure timely deployment.</li> <li>Monitor deadlines and provide appropriate counsel when necessary to discuss the job, answer questions, and ensure the correct email is sent to the correct audience within the agreed-upon timeframe.</li> <li>Responsible to create and deploy emails&mdash;including planning, testing, evaluating, and reporting metrics.</li> <li>Develop and analyze emails and email campaigns that support business objectives while ensuring messages are sent on time, and in proper formats and templates to the correct audiences.</li> <li>Ensure that emails comply with organizational standards, email marketing best practices and CAN-Spam laws.</li> <li>Test email messages to ensure proper formats and templates are utilized and adaptable to various electronic devices.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <br /> <ul> <li>Bachelor&rsquo;s degree in related field is required.</li> <li>Five (5) years of related work experience is required.</li> <li>Previous experience with Salesforce, Email Studio, Content Builder, Journey Builder, Adobe Creative Suite and Experience Manager, Litmus and/or related software tools and programs required.</li> <li>Advanced verbal, written communication, and interpersonal skills.</li> <li>Working knowledge of coding emails for mobile and desktop devices, using data languages such as HTML and basic CSS.</li> <li>Advanced knowledge of Salesforce tool, HTML coding of emails and basic CSS.</li> <li>Ability to test and troubleshoot for Salesforce journeys and to educate and influence stakeholders while handling multiple priorities and meeting deadlines.</li> <li>Working knowledge of email formats and templates compatible with various electronic devices.</li> <li>Ability to interact with multiple stakeholders to organize email campaigns.</li> <li>Ability to educate and influence stakeholders through emails and email campaigns.</li> <li>Ability to problem-solve and resolve issues.</li> </ul>