Infrastructure Technician

<strong>We&rsquo;re a naan traditional company&hellip;<br /><br />Working at FGF Brands, there is never a dull moment! As a successful company that is continually growing there is always challenging yet rewarding work to be a part of.&nbsp;We have an&nbsp;<em>entrepreneurial&nbsp;</em>spirit which encourages all our team members to use their own&nbsp;<em>creativity</em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em>out of the box</em>&nbsp;thinking to come up with solutions and new ideas.</strong>

Greater Toronto Area, ON


<p><strong>A Bakery That Runs Like A Startup</strong></p> <p><strong>We&rsquo;re not your average bakery. We&rsquo;re a team of passionate thinkers and doers that are challenging the idea of what a bakery can be. We operate like a startup, powered by creativity and a &lsquo;roll up your sleeves&rsquo; mentality, to give our customers the best possible product. Our offices are just like our thinking, open and modern. Our manufacturing facilities are state-of- the-art. We expect unconventional solutions from our team members, so we give them creative spaces to inspire and collaborate.</strong></p>

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Full Time

Overview: <p><span data-contrast="none">The&nbsp;</span><strong><span data-contrast="none">Infrastructure&nbsp;Technician&nbsp;</span></strong><span data-contrast="none">is responsible&nbsp;for&nbsp;providing&nbsp;facilities/technical&nbsp;support to the Infrastructure Engineering team&nbsp;for work and&nbsp;projects&nbsp;and facilities/contractors regarding operations&nbsp;engineering&nbsp;maintenance and small&nbsp;projects for all FGF manufacturing facilities. Reports daily to Facilities&nbsp;Manager.</span><span data-ccp-props="{&quot;201341983&quot;:0,&quot;335551550&quot;:6,&quot;335551620&quot;:6,&quot;335559739&quot;:0,&quot;335559740&quot;:240}">&nbsp;</span></p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong><u>What FGF Offers:</u></strong></p> <ul> <li>FGF believes in Home Grown Talent, accelerated career growth with leadership training, unleashing your potential&nbsp;</li> <li>Competitive Compensation, Health Benefits, &amp; a generous flexible medical / Health spending account</li> <li>RRSP matching program</li> <li>Tuition reimbursement</li> <li>Discount program that covers almost everything under the sun - Restaurants, gyms, shopping etc.&nbsp;</li> </ul>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Provide&nbsp;the facilities team with&nbsp;technical &amp; facilities support to the Infrastructure Engineering team&nbsp;regarding property management with contractors and plants.</li> <li>Acts as a primary on-site contact for contractors/vendors while on company premises.</li> <li>Oversee&nbsp;and coordinate renovation&nbsp;&amp; construction efforts to ensure projects&nbsp;are completed; provides daily updates and log activity to facilities manager.</li> <li>Ensure that&nbsp;maintenance/service contractors&nbsp;perform services as required while following GMP and food building&nbsp;compliance. Perform&nbsp;regular inspections&nbsp;&amp; audits&nbsp;of the building facilities, complete facilities&nbsp;repairs and projects.</li> <li>Able&nbsp;to technically assist with&nbsp;facility responsibilities&nbsp;troubleshooting situations,&nbsp;evaluate and implement improvements to mitigate repeat issues&nbsp;in the plants.</li> <li>Maintain&nbsp;ownership of documentation invoices as needed&nbsp;re:&nbsp;facility, utilities and&nbsp;services by contractors onsite.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Facilities and/or&nbsp;Engineering&nbsp;credentials&nbsp;or experience ideally in a plant.</li> <li>Post-secondary education&nbsp;in&nbsp;mechanical&nbsp;engineering&nbsp;would be an asset.</li> <li>3-5&nbsp;years&rsquo; experience&nbsp;in the field of project &amp; facilities&nbsp;engineering&nbsp;is preferred.&nbsp;</li> <li>General knowledge of various engineering disciplines in&nbsp;engineering, mechanical &amp; electrical systems,&nbsp;building systems such as&nbsp;HVAC, refrigeration systems,&nbsp;sprinklers, life&nbsp;safety&nbsp;systems, site services&nbsp;&amp; other&nbsp;infrastructure &amp; maintenance systems and&nbsp;facilities grounds maintenance.</li> <li>Ability to read and understand engineering drawings&nbsp;and technical manuals.</li> <li>Experience in a food manufacturing environment&nbsp;is a definite asset.</li> <li>Good command of the English language&nbsp;is&nbsp;required.</li> <li>Ability &amp; knowledge to work safely in a construction environment.</li> <li>Good understanding of all GMP, Health &amp; Safety,&nbsp;OH&amp;S,&nbsp;Food Safety &amp; Environmental&nbsp;regulation&nbsp;and standards.</li> <li>Excellent computer literacy &amp;&nbsp;skills (MS Office applications)&nbsp;required.</li> <li>&ldquo;Roll-up your sleeves&rdquo; can-do attitude and eager to learn.</li> <li>Flexibility to adjust to shifting priorities and deadlines.</li> <li>Role requires a vehicle for travelling between site and off-site locations.</li> <li>Able to effectively communicate with all types of people, including production team members, engineering team members,&nbsp;contractors, trades workers,&nbsp;technical, consultants and&nbsp;management.</li> <li>Proven ability to work collaboratively&nbsp;with&nbsp;engineering &amp; production team members.</li> <li>Ability to make continuous improvement recommendations to improve effectiveness or efficiency of developed&nbsp;technical solutions,&nbsp;does not always assume status quo.</li> <li>Flexibility to work weekends or evenings when required.</li> </ul> <br /> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>What is the recipe for a great career at FGF?<u><br /></u></strong><u><br /></u>Working at FGF Brands, there is never a dull moment! As a successful company that is continually growing there is always challenging yet rewarding work to be a part of.&nbsp;We have an&nbsp;<em>entrepreneurial&nbsp;</em>spirit that encourages all our team members to use their own&nbsp;<em>creativity</em>&nbsp;and&nbsp;<em>out-of-the-box</em>&nbsp;thinking to come up with solutions and new ideas.</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> <p><strong>Disclaimer:</strong>&nbsp;The above describes the general responsibilities, required knowledge and skills. Please keep in mind that other duties may be added or this description may be amended at any time.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p>