Catering Sales Manager

Catering Sales Manager provides coordination and servicing of banquets and catering business.<br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Ann Arbor, MI

Graduate Ann Arbor

The Graduate Hotel Ann Arbor is one of the newest hotels to join the Graduate brand. Boasting 204 guest rooms as well as flexible meeting space, this hotel just opened after an extensive renovation. What is a Graduate Hotel? To be a Graduate is to be part of a well-curated, well-crafted collection of hotels that reside in the most dynamic University towns across the country. Every site and property celebrates and commemorates the youthful optimism of school days and cultivates the spirit of each community in a bright new way.&nbsp;<br /><br />Every smart cultural nod in the place winks at the heritage and history of each unique town. Bask in the unexpected, where little moments of surprise and discovery will meet you down every corridor and around each corner. Our warm, friendly and whip smart staff can guide you in and around so that you feel like a local, at home again - even if it's your first time in town.&nbsp;<br /><br />Find out today what a career at the Graduate Hotel Ann Arbor can mean for you!

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Non-Exempt Manager

Overview: <p>Catering Sales Manager provides coordination and servicing of banquets and catering business.&nbsp; Coordinates and services banquets and catering business from the time of assignment through meeting dates until final payment of account.&nbsp; Ensures that all activities and services are performed to planned specifications, ensuring guest satisfaction and repeat business.&nbsp; Contributes to increase Hotel Revenues by selling above contracted food and beverage minimums and ancillary income sources.</p>
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Receives convention files from Sales Department and reviews them for accuracy and thoroughness.</li> <li>Provides initial written communication with client once file is received. Provides verbal follow-up/introduction one week later.</li> <li>Provides written and verbal communication to client regarding the management of their account.</li> <li>Maintains contact with client on a regular basis to develop a relationship.</li> <li>Outlines all details of convention events in the form or BEO&rsquo;s and other reports so as too provide timely information to hotel departments regarding set-up, purchasing, and scheduling needs.</li> <li>Send BEO&rsquo;s to clients for their review.</li> <li>Responsible for receiving rooming list on time and monitoring reservations receipt and entry and group pickup.</li> <li>Prepare group resumes containing detail of all reservations, billing and BEO reservation.</li> <li>Evaluate changes in guest needs, the hotel guest mix and industry competitive trends to recommend product/service and optional charges to be made to ensure guest and employee satisfaction and to maintain market dominance and exceptional financial returns.</li> <li>Distributes BEO&rsquo;s and group Resumes to appropriate hotel department to facilitate efficient purchasing, planning and employee scheduling.</li> <li>Schedules and coordinates pre-convention meetings for all assigned groups.</li> <li>Ensure that information regarding daily group functions are clearly posted via the hotel guest information system and in general meeting areas.</li> <li>Provides outstanding customer service to clients while they are in the hotel to ensure total guest satisfaction.</li> <li>Maintains accuracy of conference management information in Delphi.</li> <li>Prepares monthly food and beverage forecast for the 30-60-90 report.</li> <li>Tracks and prepares report on variance to forecasted food and beverage revenue.</li> <li>Works on special project as assigned by Director of Sales and Marketing</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Thorough knowledge of Hotel Food &amp; Beverage operations.</li> <li>General knowledge of all hotel departments.</li> <li>Effective management, leadership, organizational and communication skills.</li> <li>Must be able to meet the demands of client&rsquo;s events to include presence at numerous food and beverage functions taking place throughout the day.</li> <li>Excels in a fast-paced work environment.</li> <li>Able to work a flexible schedule including weekends and holidays.</li> </ul> <ul> <li>Education: College Degree or equivalent experience</li> <li>Experience: Minimum three years Hotel Catering Management experience.</li> <li>Grooming: All employees must comply with appearance and grooming policy</li> <li>Note: The hotel functions seven (7) days a week and twenty-four (24) hours per day. <br /> </li> </ul>