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Winchester, MA

Health Advocates Network

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Pay Rate: 28.00

Overview: Our client facility is part of a vibrant and growing health care system, recognized as a trailblazer in medicine and a standard bearer in patient experience. It includes an award-winning academic medical center, a superb constellation of community hospitals, home care services, rehabilitation facilities and more.<br /> <br />With a team approach to care, we encourage learning and growth at all levels. We adhere to the principles of a just and fair work environment for all staff, where respect is foundational and performance is rewarded.<br /> <br /> The Pay for this position will be $28.00/hr ($1, 120/week) <br /> Shift: 12: 00pm - 8: 00pm
Responsibilities: As part of Guest Services/Environmental Services team, this position:<br /> <ul> <li>Cleans non-inpatient areas.</li> <li>Initiates the seven step cleaning process when cleaning a patient room, which includes trash/recycling, high dusting, damp wiping, cleaning restrooms, dust mopping, damp mopping, bed making and final room inspection</li> <li>Restocks paper products, trash bags and soap supplies throughout patient and public areas.</li> <li>Introduces oneself when appropriate with customer groups. Represents the hospital professionally by wearing a visible name tag and neat uniform. Is respectful of the patient&rsquo; s privacy and personal items.</li> <li>Communicates with the Service Response Center on a regular basis to accept and close out tasks.</li> <li>Maintains a clutter-free environment.</li> <li>Assists in emergency situations throughout hospital following department specific requirements.</li> <li>Remove curtains, launders and rehangs as needed.</li> <li>Moves and empties shredding bins/bags</li> <li>Set up and break down of conference room and other events, including set up of audio visual needs.</li> <li>Monitors and replaces regulated medical waste (red bags / sharps) using infectious control procedures.</li> <li>Clean and disinfect portable medical equipment and carts.</li> <li>Disinfects keyboard, phones and medical equipment daily</li> <li>Attends meetings and daily huddles.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <br /> <ul> <li>Excellent customer service skills.</li> <li>For safety and quality reasons, must be able to effectively communicate effectively in English with patients, visitors, and fellow members of the hospital team.</li> <li>High school diploma or G.E.D., preferred.</li> </ul>