SCADA Systems Administrator

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Full Time

Overview: This position is in support of the SCADA network, Hillsborough County Water Resources uses for monitoring and control of its active water, wastewater, and reclaimed water pumping stations and monitoring sites. Performs routine scheduled and expedited software patching and version upgrades to comply with security and manufacturer identified performance issues. Performs server and computer builds, operating system and application installs, upgrades, backups, and supports enterprise-level hardware/software solutions for network servers, storage systems, backup systems, personal computers, peripherals, and end-user devices. Performs network account management and manages network access control based on industry best practices and internal policies. Manages technology projects in accordance with established project management methodology.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Performs project management duties on routine SCADA technology projects in accordance with established project management policies. Works directly with SCADA Program Coordinator and other network administrators to identify scopes for vendors and oversees technical work performed by vendors and contractors. Acts as one of the team technical liaisons for externally managed technology projects originating from the SCADA Project Coordinator as well as other departmental management.</li> <li>Coordinates with Network Engineers and Application Engineers to create, modify or improve sequel-based web SCADA reports utilized for operational and managerial decision making. Utilize knowledge of SQL, Oracle, and/or database best practices and initiate sequel scripting and queries to improve reporting functionality to the end-users.</li> <li>Performs remedial troubleshooting for SCADA hardware and software systems, preventative maintenance, parching and upgrades for enterprise network servers, storage systems, backup systems, personal computers, peripherals, and end-user devices. Provides higher level technical support for escalated, complex issues in supporting multiple infrastructure platforms related to enterprise network servers, storage systems, backup systems, personal computers, peripherals and end user devices.</li> <li>Works in close contact with the Cyber Security Specialist to perform routine SCADA data backup and restores of server applications, databases and user data files. Performs tape management duties following outlined procedures and delivers stored tapes to the identified safe storage located at one of the department's wastewater treatment facilities.</li> <li>Performs SCADA user account management functions with Active Directory and coordinates with other Network Managers and Security Supervisor to ensure plans and designs follow industry recommended standards for implementation of an Industrial Control System (ICS).</li> <li>Performs SCADA user account management functions, creates, deletes, or transfers user and web SCADA accounts and manages access control based on enterprise policies and procedures. Creates, deletes, or transfers user accounts and manages access control based on enterprise policies and procedures.</li> <li>Works with vendors, clients, and other technical staff to resolve technical SCADA issues related to vendor-specific supported infrastructure and helps to ensure network reliability is maintained all of the time.</li> <li>Develops, edits, and presents technical SCADA designs, network diagrams, projects plans and other technical reports. Provides internal layered detailed rack diagrams for each facility using Visio.</li> <li>Performs other related duties as assigned.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <strong>Minimum Qualifications</strong><br /> <ul> <li>Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university with a major in information technology or related engineering field; and</li> <li>Two (2) years of experience troubleshooting and supporting enterprise-level hardware/software solutions for network servers, storage systems, backup systems, personal computers, peripherals, and end-user devices, and providing network access control, and network/email account management. Desired verifiable experience working in an Industrial Control Network in support of the network as an Administrator and/or in a more technical role; or</li> <li>An equivalent combination of education, training, and experience would reasonably be expected to provide the job-related competencies.</li> </ul> <br /><strong>Job Specific Competencies</strong><br /> <ul> <li>Knowledge of industry standards, characteristics, features and troubleshooting methods associated with network server x 86 platforms and virtual servers running Windows and Linux operating systems, server-based applications, network storage systems and enterprise level backup systems.</li> <li>Knowledge of industry standards, features and troubleshooting methods of computers, end user devices, desktop operating systems, end user applications, and desktop management software associated with personal computers, peripherals, and end user devices.</li> <li>Ability to organize, prioritize and manage multiple complex projects and tasks to meet delivery dates. Knowledge of SQL, Oracle, and/or database best practices. Proven analytical skills and the ability to distill and simplify difficult concepts.</li> <li>Ability to develop, edit, and present technical designs, network diagrams, project plans and other technical reports. Ability to collect, organize and analyze data and make logical decisions.</li> <li>Ability to troubleshoot complex hardware/software technical issues associated with enterprise network servers, storage systems, backup systems, personal computers, peripherals and end user devices. Knowledge of multi-platform software solutions for enterprise software systems and end user devices.</li> <li>Ability to work effectively with others and provide superior customer service to end-users.</li> <li>Ability to communicate effectively both orally and in writing to end-users, vendors, management, and peers.</li> <li>Critical Thinking: Knowledge and understanding of policy implications and an understanding of the impact on the County. A high degree of analytical thinking to solve highly intricate, technically complex problems requiring consultation with others.</li> <li>Decision Making: Supervisor is available to establish broad objectives relative to basic position duties or departmental responsibilities. Independent judgment is required to study previously established, often partially relevant guidelines, plan for various interrelated activities and coordinate such activities within a work environment.</li> <li>Communication: Requires regular contacts to discuss issues of moderate importance and to respond to inquiries. Requires continuing contact with officials at higher levels on matters requiring cooperation, explanation and persuasion. Contact with County employees involving the enforcement of regulations, policies, and procedures.</li> <li>Strategic Planning: Able to see the big and long-term picture. Formulates clear strategies and maps steps that show a connection between vision and action that will clearly accelerate the organization toward its strategic goals.</li> <li>Managerial/Operational Skills: Manages complex situations, readily distinguishing between what's relevant and what's unimportant. The ability to make difficult decisions in a timely manner.</li> <li>Leadership: The ability to visualize, articulate, conceptualize or solve both complex and uncomplicated problems by making decisions that are sensible, given the available information.</li> <li>Analytical Ability: Ability to analyze the risks and future impact of decisions. Ability to analyze the pros and cons of decisions on projects.</li> <li>Managing Complexity: Ability to manage the details of projects, track activities and meet deadlines for multiple projects at the same time.</li> </ul>