Hollywood Casino Perryville

Hollywood Casino Perryville

<h3>COME JOIN THE FUN AT</h3> <span style="font-size: 40px;">HOLLYWOOD CASINO PERRYVILLE</span> <h5>A PENN ENTERTAINMENT PROPERTY</h5>

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Regular Full-Time


Overview: We&rsquo;re always looking for talent that believes in having fun. At PENN Entertainment, you&rsquo;ll get to be a part of an exciting industry, where the days and nights are fast paced. You&rsquo;ll work with an incredibly diverse set of co-workers driven by their enthusiasm for helping people find and have more fun. You&rsquo;ll also get to work at a company that cares about your career growth and will help you get the support you need to expand your possibilities.
Responsibilities: <ul> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Prepares batches of food that are cooked to order or kept warm until ordered and sold; this may include such food items as hamburgers or fried chicken.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Operates large-volume cooking equipment such as griddles, grills, or deep fryers.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Prepares, washes, and cuts food to be cooked.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Prepares and cooks food according to instructions provided on food order slips or through verbal directions; verifies the quality and quantity of all orders.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Multitasks by cooking several different orders at once, ensuring that all items are prepared in accordance with customer instructions.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Maintains overall sanitation, health, cleanliness, and safety standards for food preparation areas, cooking services, and dishes and utensils.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Performs other related duties as assigned.</span></li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Excellent verbal and written communication skills.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Basic understanding of or ability to learn basic sanitation and regulations for workplace safety.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Basic understanding of or ability to learn food-handling techniques, preparation, and cooking procedures.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Ability to work efficiently and quickly.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Must be able to work well as part of a team.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Must be able to work well under pressure.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Ability to maintain personal cleanliness.</span></li> <li class="cs182F6ED1"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">High school or vocational school coursework in kitchen basics, such as food safety, preferred.</span></li> <li class="csA2865A9F"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Must be able to work mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays.</span></li> <li class="csA2865A9F"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Must be able to lift up to 15 pounds at times.</span></li> <li class="csA2865A9F"><span class="cs1B16EEB5">Must Qualify for Maryland Lottery License</span></li> </ul>