Sr. Data Scientist

Work for an extremely trending E-Commerce platform! Innovar Group is seeking a highly collaborative Sr. Data Scientist to work with stakeholders to help fulfill the mission of the company.


Innovar Group

<strong>We Open Doors to Great Opportunities<br /><br />Innovar Group is comprised of senior talent agents who deliver top recruitment services to clients throughout the United States. We bring a new era of recruiting to the industry by aligning state-of-the-art technology with outstanding talent.<br /><br />Innovar - derived from the Latin &ldquo;to innovate&rdquo; - this is what we set out to do each and every day. We strive to go beyond the norm to utilize innovative next-gen recruiting tools connecting us to the world at large in order to uncover high-impact TECHNOLOGY talent for our valued clients. Our goal is straightforward: the unmitigated satisfaction of each client. The difference is significant; we provide consummate service and foster long-term, thriving relationships with our clients. In essence, we work as a vital member of your talent acquisition team.</strong>

keywords: benefits,culture,teamwork,design,implementation,support,research,experience,knowledge,quality assurance,communication

Direct Hire

$150-165k depending on benefits

Overview: Company Culture: Collaborative and Fast Pace.<br /><br />Benefits: Our client provides comprehensive health, dental, vision care options, and more!
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Design, develop and test search ranking models and pipelines that have a direct impact on product goals</li> <li>Collaborate with data scientists, developers, and product managers to integrate and validate machine learning solutions end to end</li> <li>Partner with product teams to analyze key business problems and develop product KPIs</li> <li>Support and improve existing data science pipelines and systems in production</li> <li>Test and implement algorithms in scalable, product-ready code</li> <li>Research and investigate academic and industrial machine learning, natural language processing and modeling techniques to apply to our specific business cases</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>Sr. Data Scientist that has a blended software background that includes deploying AWS pipelines.</li> <li>Experience with production project deployments including search ranking, text classification and/or recommendation systems.</li> <li>Understanding of search and information retrieval systems such as SolR/Elasticsearch, as well as experience with information retrieval success metrics.</li> <li>Skilled in designing and implementing consumer software A/B testing strategies.</li> <li>Understanding of building and deploying production models using MLOps strategies and common machine learning frameworks such as scikit-learn, PyTorch.</li> <li>Demonstrated ability to communicate analytic methods, strategies, and outcomes to a business audience.</li> </ul>