Security Officer


L'Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles

L'Auberge Casino Resort Lake Charles


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Regular Full-Time

Overview: We&rsquo;re always looking for talent that believes in having fun. At PENN Entertainment, you&rsquo;ll get to be a part of an exciting industry, where the days and nights are fast paced. You&rsquo;ll work with an incredibly diverse set of co-workers driven by their enthusiasm for helping people find and have more fun. You&rsquo;ll also get to work at a company that cares about your career growth and will help you get the support you need to expand your possibilities. <br /> <br /> Click <a href="" target="_blank" rel="noopener noreferrer">HERE</a> to learn more about our Day 1 Benefits, 401k Program, Company Perks, Career Opportunities, Advancement Programs, Scholarships and more!
Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Adheres to all departmental and company policies and procedures regarding guest service standards.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Provides continuous patrol by foot and vehicle of the casino, hotel, and surrounding areas owned by the company as needed to address any suspicious activity or other concerns.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Escorts and transports funds for table fills, slots, and/or banks; provides security for kiosk add fills and money drops to include tables and slots; provides escorts in sensitive areas for all non-gaming team members (e.g., maintenance, repair companies, and/or cleaning personnel).<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Responds to all disturbances and alarms to ensure a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for guests and team members.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Addresses any type of medical situations on property and ensures proper emergency contacts are notified if necessary.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Operates Security Dispatch as needed, including but not limited to dispatching officers, maintaining key control, and maintaining all logs required in the Dispatch Center. <span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Provides a superior guest experience through consistent, positive interactions; has the resiliency to deal with the difficult customer.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Assists leadership and prepares detailed reports on Security-related incidents that occur on company property.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Attends all departmental, company, and safety/first aid training programs as scheduled.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Performs all functions of Fire Safety Office, including monitoring of surveillance equipment, alarms, video multiplexers, and intercom system according to established procedures.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Checks identification of all persons that appear to be under 21 years of age.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Performs all other related and compatible duties as assigned.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Maintains strict confidentiality in all company matters.</li> </ul>
Requirements: <ul> <li>High School Diploma or equivalent required.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Previous experience in a guest service-related field required.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Ability to obtain and maintain a valid Driver&rsquo;s License and operate company vehicles as needed.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Will be required to obtain CPR Certificate and Bloodborne Pathogen training.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Must have excellent customer service and interpersonal skills.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Strong problem-solving, mediation, and organizational skills required.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Must have excellent written and verbal communication skills; must be fluent and literate in English.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Ability to identify and quickly respond to potential problems and conflicts and defend self and others in combative situations.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Must have the ability to run on level surfaces as well as up and down stairs.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality and professionalism.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Must have strong computer skills and be fully competent in Microsoft Office applications.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Ability to write clear, accurate, and concise reports.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Must have the ability to interact with guests, staff, and colleagues and resolve problems and conflicts in a diplomatic and tactful manner.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Ability to maintain a high level of energy and take a proactive and strategic approach to dealing with issues.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Ability to work collaboratively and communicate effectively with guests and team members at all levels of the organization.<span class="Apple-converted-space">&nbsp;</span></li> <li>Must have the ability to remain calm in emergency or stressful situations.</li> </ul>