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Overview: The Architect is a subject matter expert and thought leader who partners with any team or individual to better understand Digital Workplace demands &amp; requirements, identify appropriate tools &amp; partners, then bring these resources together to deliver fit-for-purpose solutions, helping to fulfill Material IT's mission of People First. They appreciate nuance, but fight complexity, motivated by the satisfaction of faster, more reliable outcomes for Material&rsquo;s end users, and are energized by exposure to the full gamut of Digital Workplace technologies, easily translating business requirements into secure, scalable, and reliable Digital Workplace solutions, architectures &amp; plans, through to implementation &amp; operational management of delivered solutions. What does success look like? A successful Digital Workplace Architect will have mastered the arts of: <ul> <li>Architecture: designing &amp; implementing an effective suite of collaboration tools for Material that enable a modern Digital Workplace with the right architecture and the right support.</li> <li>Security: ensuring the Digital Workplace solutions delivered &amp; operated match the levels of confidentiality, integrity &amp; availability appropriate to the needs of Material, while contributing to &amp; sustaining a culture of pragmatic security best practice.</li> <li>Operations: ensuring the right automation, monitoring, recovery &amp; business-as-usual support for Material&rsquo;s Digital Workplace solutions are delivered, minimizing manual hand-offs, single points of failure, and leveraging the use of operations partners where appropriate.</li> </ul> With a deep understanding of the demands, requirements &amp; ways of working within Material, the Digital Workplace Architect will have delivered solutions that &ldquo;just work&rdquo; without large learning curves, built confidence &amp; trust with their IT colleagues, partners &amp; vendors alike, and be armed with the experience &amp; know-how to take on bigger responsibilities in larger, more complex application architecture, operations management or portfolio/project management roles they have a passion for.&nbsp; &nbsp;
Responsibilities: Architecture <ul> <li>Bring insight &amp; know-how to the design, implementation &amp; operation of Material&rsquo;s Digital Workplace to drive solutions that scale across Material.</li> <li>Engage &amp; support Material IT's leadership to drive and maximize value out of our Digital Workplace investments.</li> <li>Drive &amp; facilitate discussions with teams to develop &amp; implement strategies that optimize Digital Workplace technology adoption.</li> <li>Determine &amp; prioritize the right people, processes &amp; technology solutions to deliver the best outcomes for the Digital Workplace, Material&rsquo;s users and ultimately, our clients;</li> <li>Engage &amp; energize Material IT to leverage modern digital capabilities such as machine learning, artificial intelligence and ultimately improve workflows to enable greater efficiency across the group.</li> <li>Design &amp; own the products, processes &amp; services that support the Digital Workplace technology, privacy &amp; security needs in an effective, customer-centric manner.</li> <li>Integrate technology across a wide variety of systems to increase collaboration across different systems, environments and domains.</li> </ul> &nbsp; Security: <ul> <li>Partner deeply with Material IT and Security team members to evaluate, implement &amp; run the right process &amp; technology solutions for our Digital Workplace services/tools.</li> <li>Bring structure to ambiguity by proposing &amp; implementing &ldquo;secure-by-design&rdquo; solutions, while remaining flexible in, and responsive to, the changing needs of our business.</li> <li>Identify &amp; mitigate risks, by taking proactive steps to prevent undesirable outcomes, and striking the right balance between practical and secure solutions.</li> <li>Continuously evolve, by closely tracking system/tool security best practices &amp; trends, and proactively making recommendations for improvement within Material.</li> </ul> Operations: <ul> <li>Fix it, when our Digital Workplace tools do not work, taking point on troubleshooting procedures &amp; designing resolution scripts for faster recovery by our partners.</li> <li>Establish &amp; monitor key performance indicators that show clearly whether Material&rsquo;s Digital Workplace tools and partners are delivering, or highlight where &amp; how we need to improve by utilizing data points to make informed recommendations.</li> <li>Communicate engagingly with IT &amp; Security stakeholders for alignment, expectation management, and to show the capability &amp; reliability of Material&rsquo;s Digital Workplace tools.</li> <li>Relentlessly drive an end user focused IT culture that delivers on our mission of People First, easily pivoting from &ldquo;No&rdquo; to &ldquo;How&rdquo; when faced with challenges.</li> <li>Support Material IT teams to understand the Digital Workplace landscape by being solution oriented, ensuring our solutions are well understood, supported &amp; improved by all teams.</li> </ul>
Requirements: Requirements Education: <ul> <li>A bachelor&rsquo;s or master&rsquo;s degree in computer science, information systems, business administration or a related field, or equivalent work experience.</li> </ul> Functional: <ul> <li>Done it: 5-7 years broad experience with Identity &amp; Access Management, Email, File Sharing, Collaboration &amp; Endpoint Management architectural topics. Recent design/operation experience with modern Digital Workplace technologies preferred, e.g. Microsoft 365, Google Workplace (fka G-Suite) and VoIP &amp; Web Conferencing solutions.</li> <li>Know it: Undergraduate degree in a related field of study or equivalent industry-certifiable experience (Microsoft Administrator or Architect learning paths, Google Cloud Certified, etc);</li> <li>Show it: Demonstrable experience in converting complex business needs into fit-for-purpose, straightforward solution designs, with well-managed execution and robust transition to operations</li> <li>Do it: Deep understanding of day-to-day optimization &amp; troubleshooting of modern Digital Workplace Technologies, including: <ul> <li>Windows &amp; MacOS operating systems</li> <li>Windows, Mac &amp; Mobile endpoint management (e.g. Microsoft Endpoint Management, InTune and JAMF);</li> <li>Identity &amp; Access Management and Single Sign-on (e.g. Active Directory, Azure Active Directory, Google Cloud Identity)</li> <li>File Sharing &amp; Collaboration (e.g. SharePoint Online, OneDrive, Google Drive, Egnyte)</li> <li>Scripting (incl. Bash, Python &amp; PowerShell)</li> <li>Persistent collaboration &amp; conferencing tools (e.g. Microsoft Teams, Slack, Cisco Webex, Google Meet);</li> </ul> </li> </ul> Competencies: <ul> <li>An innovator, creative &amp; constantly looking to improve Material&rsquo;s ways of working.</li> <li>A technical leader that focuses on providing guidance to more junior members of the team.</li> <li>A relationship builder and team player who identifies &amp; promotes best practices to colleagues, counterparts and partners alike, ensuring the case for change is internalized by their peers and partners through influence &amp; persuasion.</li> <li>A multi-tasker, able to work in a fast-paced environment without getting overwhelmed.</li> <li>An eye for detail, always ready to put in the extra effort to deliver polished, well-formed IT solutions for Material.</li> <li>Mindful of the employee experience - articulate, confident &amp; well-spoken in all forms of communication, comfortable to be the voice of our customer to Material IT, and the face of Material IT to our customers.</li> <li>Looking to get in on the ground floor of something very exciting by helping to build an IT organization that: <ul> <li>has influence because we&rsquo;ve earned it (we don&rsquo;t talk about &ldquo;having a seat at the table&rdquo;)</li> <li>has trust from teams, employees and leadership (even when we have to deliver tough news or make hard choices)</li> <li>Truly delivers on our mission of People First.</li> </ul> </li> </ul>