Analyst, Qualitative Research

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Overview: We are looking for a motivated qualitative research analyst who is interested in learning how to do superior research and consulting while working with some of the best in the industry.&nbsp; In this role, we need you to be naturally curious and have a passion for understanding human behavior.&nbsp; A high level of motivation and excellent communication skills are required to manage an incredibly diverse slate of work, clients, and team personalities.&nbsp; Flexibility to work on multiple projects, a natural aptitude for organization, and deadline-driven deliverable creation are equally important in this fast-paced environment. We are looking for someone who is able to deliver amidst the dynamic nature of workload and pace inherent in a client service business.&nbsp; You should have very strong Excel and PowerPoint skills, be&nbsp;personable with strong written and verbal communication skills, display&nbsp;a high level of creativity, and be&nbsp;very comfortable multi-tasking.&nbsp; You need to&nbsp;have a bachelor&rsquo;s degree, but if you also have a master's degree, we welcome that too. One to two years of relevant project management experience within a market research capacity is preferred, but if you have&nbsp;relevant internship experience, we encourage you to apply, too.
Responsibilities: What You&rsquo;ll Do: &nbsp; <ul> <li>Project management responsibilities are threefold.&nbsp; You need to be able to (with support and guidance), effectively manage the following:</li> <ul> <li>Handle logistics for qualitative research projects, including screener development, facility interaction, recruitment monitoring, and on-site assistance during research,</li> <li>Be the first point of contact for clients on projects and maintain comprehensive notes,</li> <li>Build relationships with vendor partners, including managing quality control, approving recruitment lists, negotiating prices, and providing clear instructions.&nbsp;</li> </ul> <li>Assist with report creation, including writing, analysis, chart and table creation in Excel or PowerPoint.&nbsp;</li> <li>Detailed note-taking during client calls and meetings.</li> <li>Be able to effectively problem solve logistical issues and adjust on the fly.&nbsp; Proactively identify issues and suggest solutions on how to make projects run more smoothly.</li> <li>As you grow in the position, you can look forward to more client contact, the opportunity to oversee and play a lead role in conducting a variety of qualitative research engagements, an increased role in business development and proposal writing/methodology creation, and a leading role in managing a project from start to finish.</li> </ul>
Requirements: What You&rsquo;ll Bring: &nbsp; <ul> <li>Interest in working on standalone qualitative research projects and integrated qual/quant engagements.</li> <li>Excellent PowerPoint skills and ability to create slides/graphs/charts that convey key research findings in compelling ways.</li> <li>Attention to detail.</li> <li>Excellent writing/communication skills.</li> <li>Strong organizational/logistics skills.</li> <li>Be a quick learner.</li> <li>Be able to work well both independently and as part of a team.</li> <li>Ability to take a big picture idea and run with it.</li> <li>Ability to independently solve problems.</li> <li>Personal accountability and strong work ethic.</li> <li>Professional, able to interact with vendors/clients.</li> <li>Positive, &ldquo;can-do&rdquo; attitude.</li> <li>Excellent Excel skills.</li> <li>Bachelor&rsquo;s degree required.</li> <li>1-2 years relevant work experience is preferred as is a background in social science/research, although college graduates with relevant internship experience are encouraged to apply.</li> <li>Experience with Adobe Illustrator and an eye for designing a plus, but not required.</li> </ul>