Senior Account Strategist

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Seattle (Killer)

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Overview: A Senior Account Strategist at Killer is responsible for client success and account growth by applying a sophisticated understanding of Killer&rsquo;s creative services and capabilities through superior critical thinking, clear communication, and confident guidance and support of client goals.
Responsibilities: Responsibilities: <ul> <li>Lead communication with existing and prospective clients to understand client goals and define strategic and tactical plans aligned to their needs and Killer&rsquo;s services.</li> <li>Own a broad portfolio of current client accounts building strong relationships through regular check-ins and collaboration in support of monthly, quarterly, and annual account growth goals.</li> <li>Write compelling emails, proposals, and other documents to drive prospective and current clients toward Killer Visual Strategies.</li> <li>Negotiate client goals, constraints, and company resourcing and execution standards to support the creation of detailed engagement contracts that empower our teams to succeed in all client engagements.</li> <li>Support strong client outcomes through regular check-ins with Killer project teams to ensure client-service standards are being met or modified to meet client needs.</li> <li>Maintain accurate, timely, and detailed documentation for client meetings, project opportunities, client relationships, and account growth strategies.</li> <li>Help Killer continue to evolve its services model by providing a view into the customer experience through engaging customer feedback conversations.</li> </ul>
Requirements: Requirements: <ul> <li>Experience with and passion for creative services such as content strategy, graphic design, motion graphic design, and web and/or interactive design.</li> <li>Experience producing professional services proposals and scope of work agreements.</li> <li>Working knowledge of modern content marketing, digital marketing, and marketing communication strategies spanning internal and external channels, platforms, and technologies.</li> <li>Outstanding written, verbal, and collaboration skills, with the ability to inspire consensus and clarity from a variety of internal and external corporate stakeholders.</li> <li>Passion for helping clients and prospects move from concept to execution by matching their goals with creative services and expertise.</li> <li>Comfortable networking and building new relationships on behalf of Killer to meet individual and group account growth targets.</li> <li>Willingness to take initiative and help with a variety of account service tasks that support strong client relationships.</li> <li>Strong working knowledge of Microsoft Office and Google Docs suites.</li> </ul> Preferred Qualifications <ul> <li>Experience, comfort, and confidence selling creative services to marketing &amp; communication teams within Fortune 100 organizations.</li> <li>Familiarity with a modern creative toolset, including the Adobe Suite, Figma, InVision, etc.</li> <li>Hands on experience delivering creative services to clients (with past titles such as Project Manager, Producer, Design Manager, Creative Director, etc).</li> </ul>